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Comforting Cats - for Over 25 Years

Attention To Detail 

Text/Image Updates @ Every Visit 

Degree In Animal Care from Becker College

Pet Sitter Insurance

Home Tasks, Mail, Packages and Watering Garden 

Peace of Mind for Cat Parents    

TEXT Me: 781-447-5489

or Create An Account on the Client Care Portal

Do you have a senior or special needs cat that
needs gentle care on a daily basis?

Do you have cats that have a special diet,
supplements mixed in or medication given?

Do you have a cat that gets very lonely if left
alone for too long?

Do you have a multi-cat household (2, 3, 4 or more cats) that needs a lot of detailed 
care, cleaning and home tasks to keep everything on track?

Are you looking to leave your cats in the comfort of home,
so you all have peace of mind?

Would it make you happy to know your cats have 
Snuggle, Play Time or Interaction Everyday?

Would you like text, picture and
video updates on every visit so you can stay connected to your cats?

Do you have lots of mail, packages
or dry cleaning deliveries that need to be taken in daily?
Then my service would be a good fit for you!

Cat Sitting Starts at $30/visit 
Visits are 30 Minutes depending on the care needs and Add On Services



VIP VISITS Starts at $33/visit 
Visits are between 30-45 Minutes depending on the care needs and Add On Services



Am & Pm Services are only available inside my area of service 
My Service Hours are between 8:30-5:30pm for my last visit

Add Ons
$5 out of my area rate once per invoice 
$3/per visit for Medicine 

Add $5 for watering Garden and Plants on Decks as plants need can be added to final bill.
Nail Trim $12/ cat
Ear Cleaning or Eye Cleaning $5/cat
Complete Litter Box Change and Cleaning $20
Holidays Additional $10 On the Holiday visit
Thanksgiving,New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day) 


I know that may seem hard to hear, but its true...and its a good thing. My job is to distract your cats and keep them content and happy when you can't be home with them.

I know how difficult it is to be away from your cats because I am a cat parent to. We have four chatty, feisty, sensitive and incredibly cuddly felines and when we go away overnight, we....Worry! 

That's why when you pick someone to care for your cats, you need to make sure the cats will be content and happy, and you will also!

Visit updates and pictures are a must when you’re away and you should not have to ask repeatedly for them - they should be expected. Your cat sitter partners with you to provide great care for the cats and customer services for you!

It's especially important that your cats are 
loved, petted and snuggled if they want it; talked to and pampered so they don’t get lonely; that they're fed and observed eating correctly and that their litter box is scooped, checked and cleaned daily. If possible, you'll want someone who has a discerning eye for cat care and changes in their behavior and health.

On top of that - you need someone who is detailed, mindful, trustworthy, honors your home and belongings - and keeps everything secure when they leave. You also need to have someone insured, educated and experienced - and runs their business professionally. 

​For those clients that would like VIP services, we can customize cat care and home tasks to meet your needs and we have over 25 years worth of references we are happy to share with you. 

That's me in a nutshell. I pride myself on caring for my clients cat's and their homes with a detailed eye and I love what I do.

OVERVIEW of a cat sitting visit


Greet kitties and assess health and comfort level of all the cats

Read parents notes upon arrival 

Clean all the Bowls, plates, food mats, and around the food area as needed

Preparing Detailed dietary meals, supplements, medication as directed 

Administer Medication if needed

Provide overall health, behavior, and physical observations regarding advanced care needs

Refill  food and water 


Scoop litter boxes, sweep up around boxes

Providing detailed updates and observations regarding:  the cat's food intake, U and BM, 

Freshen & Clean up House of Any Messes from the cats

​Light Vacuuming Available if you have a Dyson Animal, Cleaning with a broom and dustpan 

Open and close curtains, windows, adjust lighting etc as needed

Take in Mail, Papers, Dry Cleaning and any Packages

Take Trash Barrels In or Out

Refill Bird Feeders for cat entertainment

Water house plants, porch plants, and small gardens as needed


Play or snuggle with the cats (whatever their comfort level is for interaction)

Light Brushing or combing 

Nail Trim Service, Eye Cleaning or Ear Cleaning is Available for additional Charge

Fluffing up Cat Beds, Pillows and Sleeping Spots, resetting Heating Beds and Mats

Text or picture updates via cell/ Time To Pet APP. 

Providing Customized Care for Sensitive Cats With Behavioral issues

Playing Cat Anxiety Music, Cat Play Apps

Juggle multiple cats and behavioral requirements as needed 

Whatever a cat needs to be comfortable at home



Due to Covid and fall sick season, I am offering virtual meet-n-greets via zoom or I can wear a mask when I come over. 

I am now offering zoom Meet-N-greets 

Virtual is not ideal but its still a good way to meet me, and I will then email you my welcome packet with references and pet sitter insurance. Then we will add all the details into the time to pet app and make a plan for your services. 

In 25 years there have only been a few cats that didn't like me. 

It's our policy to schedule an initial meeting with you and your cats before we take on a service. We like to meet your cats and have them meet me, so its a good fit for everyone. There is no charge for an initial meeting but it does require an appointment. You can request one through the Time To Pet App link. 

Here's What To Expect:

  • We Meet you and your pets - make sure its a good fit for EVERYONE (you, your pets and myself)
  • Get detailed information on their individual care and and medical care instructions
  • Go over their “Normal” routine so we can provide the same care as mom and dad!
  • Pick up the key to your home and get contact information for vet, local contacts, ER #’s etc
  • We also text you ‘Kitty Mail” -Texts & Picture updates while you’re away ! So we will need those numbers.
  • During the visit you can decide how many visits your pets will need, once or  twice a day. 
  • Payment is expected BEFORE services begin. That means if you are a new client payment will be expected in person when we sign the contract. Then after that first visit you can call and book with me and either pay by credit card the day before service start or just leave a check and contract on the counter when I come I can pick it up. Payment is always expected before services start - no exceptions. 


Step 1: Call/Text/ Email To Check Availability 781-447-5489 or Create a New Account on the Client CARE PORTAL Here

Step2: Schedule a Complimentary Visit to meet you and your pets
​(Then We email you a Welcome Packet with our References)

Step 3: To Book First Visit: We fill out a contracts for the care visits, and take payments before services begin. Payment activates the service contract.

Step 4: To Book Future Services: Call or Text or schedule Through Time To Pet APP link below

We customize our cat sitting service to meet the needs of your cats and pamper them too! We also scoop litter boxes, take in the mail, water plants, and take out trash when needed. 

Have Questions First?

Schedule a Meet-N-Greet?

Text me on my cell at 


Cat Sitting Contract and Portal

Only current clients can use this contract. Payment in expected before services begin - no exceptions. please leave a check or pay for the sitting via a digital payment before services begin. And a contract must be left on the counter with any pet care changes or home care notes. 

Thank you!


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Located in Kingston, MA 

Mail To: 20 Prospect St 

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Text Me: (781) 447-5489

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