Where Can I watch on TV? 

Purr View is cablecast at these community stations:

If you would like to have our show air in your town or state, please contact your local community access station and let them know that Purr View TV Show is available online through www.PegMedia.org.

Part of our underwriting support goes to cover the costs of electronic distribution and downloads.

To watch on one of our episodes please contact the community tv station in your area directly to find the air times and schedule.

Members can watch the episodes on our website. 

New England

New Hampshire
Maine Connecticut  


  • Tampa Bay Community Network
New Jersey  North Carolina Louisiana Georgia 

West Coast

Alaska California

Mid West

Illinois Indianna

Minnesota Missouri  Oklahoma  Wisconsin


We share some episodes and segments online at  www.youtube.com/purrviewtvshow.

Email and Social Media

We promote the upcoming show on our website, and through a regular email so please subscribe, and follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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