Tortie Morning To Ya

Greetings on this beautiful Sunday morning! I am so happy to be up and awake – last night was a difficult breathing night and I’m not sure why? It was cool and it  didnt feel like too much pressure in the air. But! I am beginning to realize I’m having some elevated asthma the past 24 hours from lots of cat sitting and exposure and I think I am having side effects from one of my inhalers.

Research says that 75% of the population has the DNA to expel mold and mycotoxins from the body thus healing quicker from the affects it takes on the person and 25% (like me) can not expel the mycotoxins. Therefore even though we remediated our house, biosweeped and deep cleaned our home in January – the mycotoxins could still be residing in my liver -making me sick or agrivating the inflamatory response when exposed to allergens like cats, dustmites, pollen, grasses, trees. Yeah for me.

Last week and this week Ive been having alternative labs done and in August I will be seeing the Mold/Lyme doctor Margaret Ditulio in Atkinson New Hampshire and I cant wait to have a real diagnosis and a proper plan for healing.

Atleast I have the joy from my cat family – they are so sweet, so funny and a comfort to be around.

Do any of you suffer from asthmas? Have any of you ever been exposed to mold illness? Id love to hear from you.


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