About 2 years ago I found a stray cat outside at one of my cat sitting clients homes. They said they had seen her off and on for a few weeks and they said none of the neighbors has a cat. After calling all local vets and animal rescues in the area – it was clear no one was missing her. My client was not able to adopt her but she did foster he medical care for the first few months – and that was such a blessing.


She was underweight, was crying and had a head tilt. I think she was ready to be rescued because when I put the can of tuna fish in a cat carrier she went right in. I took her straight to my vet and it was there she had a lot of tests and an exam. She was a very fractious cat. If you know that word, then you have a good idea of how this vet trip went!


It was tough. She was scared and  didnt feel well, and was stressed from the experience.



We named her Lanie Cat. When she came home I had accommodations already prepared – a cozy condo with a window view, a bed, litter box and a scratch pad. It was covered of course on the top and sides for privacy. She had a great window view and fresh air. But her favorite was fresh food. She could t get enough food. Over time, my husband and I have really tried to work with her, creating a safe environment for her and building trust.




At first she wouldn’t play with us. A toy or string toy was seen as a threat. Lanie is a fighter and she would attack to kill any toy we offered her.

Then one day I heard a chirping sound coming from her room. When I peaked inside she was playing with the bird toy that makes a chirping sound when tapped. I was overjoyed! This might have been one interaction but it was a very good sign.

Since then, we began interacting with her even more. She is learning to play and learning to be touched. Now she can let us pet her and today I even gave her belly a massage.

Lanie is still quick to swat or react when stressed, but when things are quiet and slow she is so relaxed. It’s nice to see a cat transform with time and love. We call it learning to be a house cat! Do you have a rehabilitation story you could share? You can post a comment and tell us about it or email me at info@purrview.com and I can help you share it in a post.