In June I attended a yard sale hosted by the Kingston Animal Hospital in their parking lot and they donated all the funds to the Kingston Animal Shelter’s Animal Care Fund. 

The Animal Care Fund is an account that is set up separately from the Kingston town budget and is solely funded by donations. Because the shelter and the fund is a government entity it can not seek or ask for donations, it can only accept them. The town budget alocates approximately $800 a fiscal year to animal care expenses. So the Animal Care Fund provides the bulk of the care and no tax payers pay for that care in their taxes. Its a win win because the shelter goes above and beyond to provide veterinary care and well ess exams, vaccines, heartworm prevention and treatments, microchips, spay/neuters and much more – all to help the dogs and cats that enter the shelter. 

Providing that care costs money and in the last fiscal year which just recently ended the Animal Care Fund spent about $5,800 on animal care and shelter expenses, it took in abiut $5,100 in donations and the Kingston Animal Hospital also generously donated over  $5,000  for veterinary services and care in addition to the animal care fund expenses.

 If the Animal Care Fund had to generate donations to keep up with veterinary costs they would have to raise around $11,000 roughly.

Since it cant seek donations – the fund then waits for kind hearted people to donate to it every year. 

This June at the yard sale the fun group at the Kingston Animal Hospital coordinated a great yard sale – with an excellent variety of items, great parking and a good amount of shade. 

In addition, they had awesome giveaway items for adults and kids alike. Joe from The Dunkin Donuts on Rte 3A Main Street in Kingston, across from the highway on ramp donated 2 dozen donuts and 2 large Joes of Coffee for the volunteers that helped during the event!

The event raised $1600 for the Animal Care Fund! What an amazing day. Here is a video I produced for PCN on the yard sale. The first person I interviewed was Ember Fleming – Do you recognize her??? She is Dustin’s sister! 

If youd like to donate to the Kingston Animal Care Fund send a check to Kingston Animal Care Fund  to the town hall or the shelter and they will deposit it into the fund. 

You would be helping a lot of worthy dogs and cats.