Twigs and Bracnhes Fell in my yard during Hurricane Irene

Last weekend was a crazy stressful time, wasn’t it? I mean I even downloaded a Channel 7 News weather App just for the “Up To Date Radar” so I could see when, and where and how bad the hurricane would be. All I could think about were my kitties, and of course the kitty babies of all my clients. Luckily, all my clients made it home in time to bunker down and spend the hurricane with their feline families -myself included. Although the rain let up on Sunday when the hurricane was expected to hit, the wind was amazing. There were many twigs and branches down in my yard, my neighbors fence fell down on three panels, and another neighbors tree fell down or a big branch fell in the street.Kind of exciting to see police, firemen, and DPW guys chopping away in the middle of the street.

And whahlah- we lost electricity for a couple of days. Good thing I went grocery shopping for the first time in months the night before and lost most of my perishable foods! The cats had their bottled spring water which we never needed, and were well stocked with wet food to keep us going for quite some time.

I ended up going to Hajars in Weymouth to see Jimmy Peters perform and decided it would be a great time to charge my phone too!

I charged my iphone at Hajars and listened to Jimmy Peters Perform.


Over the course of three days I was cooking everything I had on the grille outside, and tried to get friends to come over and share what I had, but they were doing the same thing.

Sleeping in the “darkness” was a joy to me, and for the first time since buying my home four years ago, I was able to see the twinkles of the stars from my deck. It was awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was that without electricity, every intersection was a freak show free for all! I can see how a lack of order can quickly cause most people to turn into cave men!!! If we had had a serious catastrophe I truly believe people would be killing each other.

All in all, the weather was very nice following the hurricane and we had cool nights for sleeping with the windows open, and me and the kitty’s did quite well.