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Glazed Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain – Leaf Design


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Glazed Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountains
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Enhance your cat’s drinking opportunities and the beauty of your home with one of these gorgeous, handmade-in-the USA glazed ceramic cat fountains.

This model is the “Leaf” design – water streams from the leaf in a full but gentle flow with pleasing sounds and no splash. Use the ceramic mini-leaf insert for a more tranquil experience or leave it out for more of an up-flow.

* approximately 3.25 inches high and 11-12 inches in diameter
* Your choice of curved bowl sides or straight bowl sides
* 100% food-safe & tested ceramics
* Pleasing sounds or quiet, as you choose
* Very easy to maintain
* The pump cord exits the base of the fountain through a water tight feedthrough which never leaks and permits easy replacement of the pump. Cords over the rim are unsightly and a trip hazard.

What is included:

* Fully functioning ready to run fountain
* Adjustable, long lasting, silent and replaceable aquarium pump
* Ornamental ceramic leaf center piece and mini-leaf insert
* Foam Pre-filter
* Fountain warranty
* Pump warranty

The foam pre-filter prevents cat hair and other matter from entering the pump, keeping the pump clean, greatly increasing time between pump cleanings and contributing to the longevity of the pump.


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