1. Standard Visit (No Special Needs Care) $25/visit  1-3 cats

Greet kitties, give fresh food and water, clean all bowls, scoop litter boxes, sweep up around boxes, play or snuggle with the cats (whatever their comfort level is for interaction), take in mail, papers, and any packages, rotate lights, take in or put out trash/recycle barrels, water a few house plants, text or picture updates via cell.

2. Special Needs Care* $28/visit  1-3 cats 

A Standard Visit PLUS 

  • Light Housekeeping to keep home Fresh and Clean of Any Messes
  • Monitor a medical condition 
  • Senior Cat Care
  • Administering Medication
  • Managing Behavior issues or special handling instructions
  • Special Diet & Treats
  • Whatever a Special Needs pet requires to be Comfortable!

Additional Rates
Distance $5.00 More per visit. 

At this time this service is limited.  When it takes me over 30 minutes to arrive at your home one-way. I am selective about which clients I take on for this reason, I have to charge a higher fee to cover my time traveling and then I want to spend at least 45-60 minutes doing a nice visit with the pets

Holiday Prices:
Additional $10 per visit

Additional Cats $2

Our visits cover up to 3 cats. For each additional cat the cost is $2 per cat. This is to provide more time and attention to each kitty in the home. If you have one special needs cat and one healthy cat, the visit would start at the special needs pricing per visit and we would add $2 for the additional cat.

Would you like a quote for services? I can be reached by calling 781-447-5489. 

  • All services within the limitations of the pet. Prices subject to change without notice-due to gasoline prices and mileage rates.
  • WE ACCEPT Cash, Checks, and some online payments through Time To Pet App when you register online. For information about scheduling your pet for care- please call us directly at 781-447-5489 or email Tonia Evans

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