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Our directory is a niche directory advertising option for business owners who specialize in cats in some way.

What is the Comfort Cat Provider mentorship Program

Its a program by Purr View, we offer knowledge and training on cat care, product and service industry, along with education and training for business owners looking to expand their marketing and branding to reach cat parents in a new way. Our directory brings together providers with the Purr View. 


Cat parents are a unique and overlooked segment of the pet industry. We have learned a lot about their number one need and what they're looking for in cat caregivers, product service providers, cat care expectations and customer service for themselves. Our goal is to elevate the comfort and care of cats by connecting cat parents with exceptional industry professionals that meet their expectations. The pet service industry is booming, but it also includes what we call Hobbyist providers.

Hobbyist compete with professionals for clients and cat parents have a hard time recognizing the difference between the two. Sometimes they only learn about this after an animal has been hurt or some other thing happens and its too late.

We want to educate cat parents and cat professionals, about the benefits of hiring a professional and we want to connect cat parents with excellent caregivers.

We also realize that many pet industry people don't really know what's missing from their services, product knowledge or marketing materials to attract purrfect clients. Our company hopes to transform the mindset of providers, educate them on cat parents and how they can market and brand what they have to offer to connect them with great clients, and revolutionize the standard of care of cats for future generations. 

COMFORTCAT® Providers offers education and insight based on over 25 years of experience as a professional cat care provider and extensive research into cat care and the feline market.

The programs are created by Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming, to help cat parents find caregivers that really love cats and are dedicated to the Comfort and Care of cats & Cat Parents. 

Our training programs educate service providers so they understand a cat parent's number one need, the cats needs, and ways to communicate with cat parents that enhance the entire experience. Sharing insights into the feline market with pet professionals.

Our program is established on the Purr View. Participants Agree to our Program Guidelines - a philosophy on providing cat care that's above industry standards along with services and communication that cat parents can expect

This unique initiative was designed for professionals and cat parents to connect. 

Cat parents can find exceptional cat care services in their area from a directory of professional cat experts that:

  • Provide proof of business and Insurance (No Hobbyist's)

  • Share their education, training or certifications 
  • Are members in at least one other professional membership group in their field.*suggested
  • Completed  the Quick Start Guide 
  • Have agreed and Signed our Program Guidelines the 7 Pillars of Purr View (See Below) 
  • Pay a yearly fee To Be Listed in the Directory

Cat parents can SEARCH for cat groomers, cat boarding, cat sitters, cat veterinarians, cat training and behavior specialists, cat massage therapists, cat supply experts and more.

And Cat professionals can finally advertise where their clients are looking!

Program overview 

50% of the program is focused on being a professional business and the cat's care

and 50% is focused on customer service to cat parents

  • Dedicated to being a Professional Business with insurance, education, training or certification and a member in at least one membership organization in your trade. 

PLEDGE TO CAT Care and Gentle Handling

  • Provide Comfort to cats by using techniques, tools and gentle handling of cats in your care. 
  • Passionate about cats and educated on their care, behavior and/or products.
  • Committed to Bonding with the cats - when possible.

Pledge to cat parents and their number one need 

  • Attention to Detail for a higher quality customer service.
  •  Listen to cat parents needs and instructions. 
  • Communicating clearly, kindly and regularly with owners.

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Comfort Cat Providers is a sub-category of Purr View. Created to connect awesome professional cat caregivers, product experts and more. Read our Mission


Located in Kingston, MA 

Mail To: 20 Prospect St 

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Text Me: (781) 447-5489

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