Happiest On Cat Care Days


Lately I’ve been busy, overcome with medical issues and pain, and the pressure of finding a steady job etc, and yesterday it dawned on me I really need to enjoy where I am at. I love taking care of cats! It’s a great day when I am sitting with a kitty, snuggling on a couch or just cleaning dishes -and I want to be mindful of how blessed I am to be able to do this.

Most visits are very quiet. The house is quiet, the cats are relatively quiet. Or Atleast they are after they eat and go back to bed! I enjoy the peace and quiet. Even though I am a true extrovert with people, Ive found over the last five years that I enjoy solitude more and more, and my business gives me that.

I love my clients, their cats and I am very greatful to be able to have a business where I get hired to love and snuggle with cats!

Thank you!

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