What feels like a couple weeks ago, I went to Bogg Hollow pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin for Halloween. That was the goal anyway. The dream if you will. You know, right? The weather gets a bit cooler, the leaves change and suddenly something inside, like an auto clock starts to make you crave cider, fireplaces and PUMPKINS!

Ok, I also like to eat pumpkin pie and maybe I was thinking about that too! Anyway, off to the bog. We arrived and there were cranberry bogs, an old fire truck, farming equiptment for the kids to climb on and a huge sand pile for kids. But no pumpkins. Well, they told us to take the hayride. My boyfriend and I got in line and waited and within just minutes along came a two wagon rig to pick us up. We climbed into the wagon, positioned ourselves on hay bales and off we were…dashing through the back woods if you will.

I was thinking, this is so nice, we get to take a little hay ride through the woods, its pretty, its quaint, and even if we don’t get our pumpkins here at least we enjoyed the autumn day together.

A few min later our hay ride wagon came down a steepish hill, turned a corner and arrived in a clearing at the back of the bog property- and there were pumpkins everywhere! Orange easter eggs scattered in each direction. Big ones, small ones, shiny ones, and deteriorated ones. Not only that, there were kids activities and a maze for all ages. I was thinking how much fun the cats would have if I made them a little maze at home!

My boyfriend and I searched for our pumpkin. We looked them over. He took pictures from all sides. I picked them up to see how they felt in my arms. And then after a few minutes we agreed on just the right one! Who would have thought that in a field all day sat our little baby pumpkin -yet there it was. We bought it, and it sat on my lap all the way back on the return wagon ride.


Hurricane Sandy came and went last week, and so did Halloween. We never had time to carve out a face or design. I never got to see it all lit up and glowing.
I am still craving a pumpkin pie though! If you have a good recipe for pumpkin pie please post it in the comment section or share a web link. I can’t be the only cat lover who also loves pumpkin pie.