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COMFORTCAT® Provider Program was created by Feline Aficionada, Tonia Fleming, a professional cat care specialist, veteran cat sitter and previous cat boarding, grooming and retail store owner of 23 years, founder and owner of The Kitty's Corner and Feline Aficionada Enterprises inc. With that many years experience, we've learned some things about cat parents too. 

learn how to search for cat groomers, cat boarding, cat sitters, cat veterinarians, cat massage therapists, etc  that adhere to the COMFORTCAT® providers code of comfort, conduct and customer service for cats and cat parents!

This unique initiative was designed for cat parents to find exceptional cat care services in their area from a directory of professional cat experts. Search for cat groomers, cat boarding, cat sitters, cat veterinarians, cat massage therapists, etc

Cat parents are a misunderstood, and underserved  segment within the pet industry. There is a need in the industry for trained professional cat care service providers, and we want to see high quality care options for cat parents grow over the next 5 years - with caregivers that really understand the cats needs but their parents needs as well. 

Our mission is to elevate the comfort and care of cats, so its no wonder we want to share our expertise with others and lead the industry in best practices for cat care. Our exclusive program shares insight into what cat parents need and want in a high quality service for their cats and themselves.

Our Directory connects cat parents with professional cat care service professionals, dedicated to understanding cats, providing high quality care for cats and services for cat parents. Our program consists of an online course for professionals that want to exceed expectations and specialize in the cat care niche within the pet industry. All providers must be professionals in their field, showing proof of business, and insurance, complete and pass the course online, and agree to our feline fundamentals - a philosophy on providing cat care and services that cat parents expect



#1 Only Professional Caregivers Allowed - not hobbyists

Focus is on providing COMFORT for cats 

  1. Commitment to go Above Industry Standards Care for the Cats
  2. Commitment to Gentle Handling from Providers
  3. Commitment To Bonding With Your cat - When Possible


  1. Truly Like Caring for and In-Tune with Cats 
  2. Listen to Cat Parents Needs and Instructions 
  3. Communicate Clearly and Kindly with owners 

Our workshop share the benefits of the program for cat parents, and we also offer a QuickStart Guide for Professional Cat Care Providers of the program, and a Pro-Course as well. 

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We operate as a content, video and e-commerce company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats. 

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We operate as a Cat Care, Content, Video and E-Commerce Company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats.   


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