I just saw this funny youtube video for John St an advertising agency. Some videos that they included I don’t like because the cats could have gotten hurt, like when the cat grabbed the ceiling fan,  but they just pulled them from the internet, they didn’t create the youtube videos they are just using them to show humor. I do like the in-house production studio though, and how they pretend to story board the cat commercials -loved that!

It is funny because they are over exaggerating how popular cat videos will be on the internet and with brand advertising. But I still believe marketers have a long way to go in reaching the feline market for real. It seems like every time they put out an ad its goofy or a subtle joke, instead of creating a great commercial for the cat parent.

Purr View TV Show is moving more in the direction of a lifestyle/features program that celebrated the feline lifestyle for a mainly upscale, female market and I believe its time for great content cat lovers can appreciate. More on those new changes soon.

As for this video, Watch it and you tell me what you think. They certainly produced a creative video. Check out their youtube channel for more information.