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005 – The Rescue Business

While filming at Strut For Strays, I met ¬†Margaret Kudzman from The Rescue Business. They’re located on the North Shore, and they help stray cats, feral cat colonies, and their caregivers by providing food, medical care, training and support to residents and cat caregivers. I had a great conversation with Margaret. She shared her experience

The ‘Sand Box’ – Very Short & Clever PSA! The Shelter Pet

This is a very cute short psa bringing attention to cat adoption from the Shelter Pet Project.Visit Had to share!

003 – Pet Photos With Santa

It is very much better with a pet

Public Service Announcement Co-Produced For The MSPCA

We produced this video PSA for the MSPCA because we needed pre-produced footage for our show. It was a win, win, because we were able to help promote the good work they do helping provide medical care for cats and dogs. We filmed in 2013 and had the final version completed in 2014. Please use

004 – Kingston Animal Shelter Animal Care Fund

Learn about the Kingston, MA Animal Shelter- They have an animal care fund, from public donations that helps the shelter provide medical care for the dogs and cats that they care for. I just love it there. They have a lot of nice volunteers and a very clean and friendly shelter.

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