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Fall Festivities And Pumpkin Pie!

What feels like a couple weeks ago, I went to Bogg Hollow pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin for Halloween. That was the goal anyway. The dream if you will. You know, right? The weather gets a bit cooler, the leaves change and suddenly something inside, like an auto clock starts to make you crave

Snuggling Away The Hours During Hurricane Irene

I ended up going to Hajars in Weymouth to see Jimmy Peters perform and decided it would be a great time to charge my phone too!

Spiffing Up The Cat For The Holidays

I know there’s a lot to do before guests arrive for the holiday dinners and gift giving season, but wouldn’t it be nice to look over and see a well groomed sparkling cat by your side. Your guests will be impressed, and it’s not that difficult-in most cases- to spiff up kitty and make em’

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