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JANUARY 25, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA Water fountains for cats are becoming much more common in households of every budget. That’s probably because cat lovers know that keeping their cat healthy starts with good food and fresh clean water. Clean Water Less Contaminates Cats Are Attracted To Fountain Experience Water Tastes Better Special Needs Cats Drink More Stay Healthy They Look Cool What better...
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Preparing Raw Food Diet For Cats – With Bonita Flakes FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA Preparing Raw Food Diet For Cats – With Bonita Flakes FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA Preparing a raw food diet is cutting edge but not for the faint at heart. Some cats may not eat raw food when first introduced, but trying a variety of meats like Mutton, Rabbit, or...
Maybe it’s the thrill of freedom, the dream of catching mice to bring home to mom or dad, or the smell of the fresh summer air -but the wild outdoors seems to attract kitties of all ages. Unfortunately, being outside can also hold many pitfalls for cats. Even the cutest feline can expect to attract external parasites like fleas...
If you’re looking for new ideas for battling your allergies then this book is a superb resource to take with you to your doctor. However, the reason I pulled it off the shelf in a mad rush was because of the household tips it has for the home.

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