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​ ​ Im not entirely sure where this adorable dish was made but every time I clean it for the kitties it makes me so happy. The day that I filmed, the sunshine happen to make it sparkle! That just made my day. Do you have a bowl like this or one that makes you happy when you clean it. Tonia!
I love watching cats look out the window
While visiting a local craft fair at the Mayflower Congregational Church in kingston from 10-3 today, I met Donna Wagner, mother of my friend Laurie Wagner of Quiet Dog Daycare and Doggie Fun and Fitness in Kingston. Donna was selling beautiful pillows designed with vintage calendars! You remember the linen towels, grandmas hung on the wall? Well, she had some...
Id LOVE to see pictures for inspiration. Especially if you have cats in the picture.
https://www.youtube.com/embed/YE6VttPzoHw Meet Peg, a cat momma from Plymouth, Massachusetts. After spending about spend $7 a day feeding her three cats she decided to look into an alternative way to feed high quality cat food, while also saving money - and her cats are flourishing! Learn how she researched making homemade veterinary balanced cat food on www.CatInfo.org and follow her through the...