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Lucy's new plan consisted of a healthier diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise. "Lucy loves carrots, broccoli, apples and banana's!" Shared Gwen.
and the statistics show that less than 1% are euthenized due to diseases, illness, or trauma-they simply live out their life span on their terms. Compared to cats that are placed in a shelter-71% of feral cats and healthy socialized house cats alike,are killed more in shelters in America than in feral cat colonies.
If you’re looking for new ideas for battling your allergies then this book is a superb resource to take with you to your doctor. However, the reason I pulled it off the shelf in a mad rush was because of the household tips it has for the home.
By Tonia Evans Tree Of Hope Raised $3 Million for Homeless Animals Good News for South Shore area animal welfare and rescue groups. The PETCO Foundation recently announced that they reached their fundraising goal of $3 million dollars and will soon be providing grant money to organizations in our area- and others around the country. PETCO Foundation kicked off their campaign from...
What’s more, readers will find a thorough explanation of what Melamine is, why it is so toxic to dogs and cats, and how it came to be used in the manufacturing of our pet’s food.