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What's Purr View?


  • June 04, 2017 5:42 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Today has been a very nice day and at home my kitty's are sitting in the window hammocks and on top of their cat tree's looking out the window.

    I know theyre watching birds fly by, chimpunks racing around the yard and probably have a birds eye view of a lot of things I cant even think of.

    I wanted to share some of my favorite cat pictures of kittys sitting by windows or staring out their windows. Its so cool to watch them quietly and see what theyre doing.

    Please share some of yours too on my facebook page or twitter at
  • November 19, 2016 6:07 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    This looks a lot like my house, maybe not so many wall hangings but I do have a cat collectible, trinkets and toy collection.[/caption] My daily CAT alert share this great story about the 

    Museum Exhibit on Cat Ladies! Not sure if I like this title,  but I do love how they promote and educate about TNR through the exhibit itself and promotes the incredible work that Cat Ladies (and cat men) do to help cats. The article has a great radio segment to listen to and some cool pictures! Does you house look like this? Mine is pretty close. This looks a lot like my house, maybe not so many wall hangings but I do have a cat collectible, trinkets and toy collection.
  • November 10, 2016 6:08 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    On Halloween weekend Papas Pet Project had a grand opening celebration to usher in the new pet supply store and soon to open adoption center at their new location at 14 Manomet Point Road, in Manomet. Dustin and I arrived just in time to see a few kittens and dogs dressed in adorable costumes! We had a lot of fun that day and I produced a pet mews segment for PCN. The organization will continue to do adoptions from Per Smart in Plymouth, but the new location will allow them to expand and help many more cats and kittens! The proceeds from the pet supply store, which was decorated like a late 1800's country store, will go directly to support the adoption center!

    My incredible videographer for the shoot (and my husband) enjoying a much deserved lunch and his favorite drink![/caption]  
  • October 28, 2016 6:18 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    You all know how much I love cats but did you also know that MaryLous Coffee Shop makes me purr! Almost daily I get an iced almond cookie with skim milk and mocha - its   always delicous and I get the best service! Today I was greeted by two ladies in costume as my favorite critters - Felines! What a treat!

     Kelly Dyer and Amanda Pizzi at Marylous Coffee Shops in Kingston[/caption] Thank you Kelly and Amanda for such purrrrrfect service!
  • September 19, 2016 6:23 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, and I thought it would be fitting to interview a local veterinarian about the benefits to brining your cat to the vet and what they are looking for when during the visit.

    This kitty was happy to accommodate me and Dr. lee from Morningstar Animal Hospital, Kingston, Massachusetts. I got a great story - including b-roll that supported the segment, which aired on PACTV - Community News show last week.

    For more information on their great show, and to let them know you enjoy watching cat content and pet stories, go online

    to! Special Thanks To:  Dr. Lee DVM
  • December 05, 2015 6:32 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Kathy and Event Organizers[/caption] Papas Pets coordinated yet another event - Pet Phots with Santa. StudioG off exit 5 was decorated for Christmas with a pet and kid friendly winter wonderland style theme, with the main attraction being'Santa'.  


    I had fun visiting and watching the doggies get their photos with their family members and Santa.  

    Cat Treasures For Sale  

    Although most of the cats on the South Shore were home napping, cat lovers were not left behind. Creative cat door stoppers were available as gifts..and boy were they adorable!  

    Merry Christmas Puppy

    Santa and Event Photographer Jeanette Eng[/caption] It was a lot of fun and I hope this event has a chance to grow- the facilitu provided lots of parking and it has a lot of room for a big crowd for dogs and their parents!
  • November 05, 2015 6:13 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    While visiting a local craft fair at the Mayflower Congregational Church in kingston from 10-3 today, I met Donna Wagner, mother of my friend Laurie Wagner of Quiet Dog Daycare and Doggie Fun and Fitness in Kingston. Donna was selling beautiful pillows designed with vintage calendars! You remember the linen towels, grandmas hung on the wall? Well, she had some beautifuly kept calendars many with cats- Check out these. One from 1968 cats that look like the Purr View cat and the 1965 Siamese cats in aquamarine! And theres the red C is for cat calendar pillow! 

    These hand made feline delights are from Donna Wagner she dosent have a Page just yet, but you can track her down on facebook! We love her cat works and hope she launches a fb page or Etsy store soon. Until then she will be at the Mayflower Congregational Church till 3pm today. And yes - she has all kinds of other items, even for dog lover too!
  • April 28, 2015 6:39 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Formals taken at the Jenny Grist mill in Plymouth By Click Chic Photography of Plymouth.[/caption]

    How a crazy cat lady had a wedding of a lifetime!

    It's positively been a whirlwind year for me, starting last January 20th when my now husband proposed to me in the woods of WildCat Hill. I would say a purrfect proposal for a cat lady, and that set the stage for a year full of activities for the both of us. My parents had an engagement party in early spring and I was off and running, planning an October 2014 wedding ceremony and reception.

    I grew up in my mothers bridal shop, Priscilla Calway Bridal And Formals, in Whitman.  I had some insight into the wedding planning process. However, as many of you know, planning and budgeting your dream vision are two very different things.

    Our hope was to somehow combine my favorite color, ORANGE, with my love of CATS, while also incorporating Dustins love of BICYCLES, all into one fall|Titanic themed wedding.

    Mission Accomplished!

    With the help, input and support of my closest friends and my bridesmaids and the tireless efforts of my cousin Pam, we were able to orchestrate the coolest, most fun, most Purrfect wedding EVER!

    Invitation Inspiration

    I decided to use my Purr View TV show cat as my inspiration for the wedding invitations and wedding ceremony program. My friend Gail designed all the printed materials, and Dustin's sister Dawn printed our wedding invitations. Purr View Cat was turned into a boy and girl kitty, and I put them on a vintage style bicycle -in orange of course.

    Welcome Guests

    When guests arrived they were greeted with two scarecrows holding hands,  along with their orange cat. This was to represent how much we love our kitty's and were becoming a family.

    My Matron Of Honor, Karen, embellished the boy by adding a beard to match Dustin's beard, and added a ball cap too.

    To the girl we added her own bouquet of flowers to match the wedding party.

    The Head Table

    We found a tabletop bicycle for our head table that matched our wedding invitations and my cousin Pam found these two wooden stamps- letter T and D for our names. Getting ideas from Pinterest and being crafty she painted them orange to match.

     Decorating The Hall 

    Since it was October, I decorated the rest of the space with autumn themed items. I found pumpkin candle holders for the centerpieces for each table at Christmas Tree Shop and I added my own cranberry and orange silk wreaths around each tea light holders. I also added pumpkin scented candles.

    The Wedding

    We had a small and intimate wedding at the John Carver Inn. Surrounded by our friends and family. Dustin's sister played the violin and her boyfriend performed acoustic guitar for us when we came in and left the wedding-it was magical.

     Breakfast Brunch Reception

     Since we were doing a wedding and reception in one location, and we didn't have a DJ to move things along, we decide that it would be helpful to provide a program, so our guests could know what to expect and when. We had a breakfast brunch served at the John Carver Inn and they did an AMAZING job! They accommodated my wish to serve French Toast Casserole, in the buffet and we did a carbonated cider toast. Everything was sooooo Yummy!

    Cutting of the Cat Cupcakes

    I wasn't interested in having a wedding cake. We had a small wedding and cakes were very expensive and even more expensive to have the facility cut it up and serve it. Being a morning  brunch wedding it didn't seem to fit. So I had Montilio's Baking Company deliver an assortment of Italian pastries, and they also designed two cat cupcakes for me and my husband. One was a boy with a bow tie and the other a girl, decorated in bright ORANGE of course. Yes, yes, they were yummy.

    Making My Very Own DRESS!

    When it came time to find my dream dress, it just didn't exist- so I made one!

    All the fashionable dresses are sleeveless, halter top type prom dresses and I was totally not into that. I have a more vintage style and wanted a cowl neckline, a layered bodice, soft and comfortable fabric so I could eat and enjoy my wedding. For the skirt, I wanted a fit and flare with a peplum built in, but I ended up with three gores at bottom back skirt. When my mom closed her bridal shop 18 years ago, I took a dress that I loved at the time and put it into storage. However, when I went and looked at it after my engagement party, I didn't love the style anymore. Although I outgrew that style, I loved the fabric. It was Dupioni Silk, embellished with tons of flowers, sequins, and all kinds of things that I used in my new dress that I designed!

    My mom made the dress, at her shop Sew many Things. I helped cut out the patterns, restyle the patterns, cut out the bodice three times, redesigned the skirt tons of times -until I got it JUST RIGHT!

    For the layered look I was going for I used the silk bodice under my new bodice with the cowl neckline. I used the same silk in the gores in my skirt, made a cover for my bible which I carried with me, and I used the flowers as a wrap for my dress.

    I also wore FLIP FLOPS!


    Hair Stye and Handlebar Mustache

    My hair was in an up doo, and was styled by Jen Houle, from You Look Fabulous in Abington who came to the John Carver Inn early in the morning and set my hair. My hair stylist and colorist is Marie Ferris of Salon Sorella.

    My make up was crafted by Niki Scichilone, her company is Make Up By Niki of Plymouth. She is so wonderful to work with and is the best eye brow waxer I've ever known. She also introduced me to the world of extra eye lashes- and I love them!

    Did you notice how cool Dustins Beard and Mustache were that day. Inspired by many Youtube videos and The Bearded, He spent all year growing his handsome beard and handlebar mustache and he looked absolutely amazing on our wedding day.

    [gallery columns="2" size="medium" type="rectangular" ids="6086,6119,6091"]

    Happily Ever After!


  • April 25, 2015 6:48 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    We produced this video PSA for the MSPCA because we needed pre-produced footage for our show. It was a win, win, because we were able to help promote the good work they do helping provide medical care for cats and dogs. We filmed in 2013 and had the final version completed in 2014. Please use and share this video to help the animals in need.   Produced by: Tonia Fleming Purr View TV Show Dustin Fleming ColorCycle Video Produced Through: Plymouth Area Community Television, Plymouth MA Script By: MSPCA Coordinated By: Rob Halpin Public Relations MSPCA
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