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What's Purr View?


  • April 30, 2018 3:43 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

     Have you ever thought about your Cat's purr-sonality profile. People sometimes joke that that each of their cats personalities reveals something about their own personality traits - like mother like daughter, LOL.  Could it be true for you too? Carol Tuttle has a program that helps people figure out what type of dominant energy they have and helps people find fashion style and outfits that helps bring out your truth self.

    But recently, she also shared an article about how this same energy and personality is seen in our pets. Is your pet talkative and greets everyone or are they easy going and love to snuggle etc, You get the idea.

    You can find out more about this on her article Pet Personality.When you know what type your cat's are, either Type1, Type2, Type 3 or Type 4, please share with us on this blog article or on facebook! If you'd like to join Carol's program, go to Live Your

  • April 25, 2018 3:47 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Are you bothered by cat litter odor? I'm not talking about the stinky cat boxes, I'm referring to the cat litter brands that smell like perfume right out of the box. And when you scoop dust and chemicals go in your nose, eyes and lungs. You know it's really bad when the smell lingers on your clothes!

    Chemicals In Litter Aren't Good

    As you may know, Ive become sensitive to dust and fragrances. It's been a challenge cat sitting as I'm exposed to every kind of cat litter on the market-mostly the strong fragrant ones. Most of the time Scooping litter boxes make me nauseous from the perfume fragrances because of the chemicals in the litter providing that perfumed are toxic to me. Or I start sneezing from the dust particles going up my nose and into my respiratory tract. Even when I wear a mask over my face I still have a reaction. I always feel like I will pass out in people's homes and I'm always sick for the rest of the day.

    Challenge For You

    Have you smelled your cat litter lately? You know, really smelled it? I bet you'd be surprised that it could have chemical fragrances. If you or your cat has asthma this can pose a legitimate health concern.

    New Option

    Today I experienced a new cat litter from Tidy Cat called Free and Clear. The litter isn't dusty, and doesn't have a fragrance. It scooped hard and clumps and I was impressed. It also has activated charcoal which has been proven better at absorbing cat urine odors that baking soda.


    • Fragrance free ( no chemical fragrance)
    • No Dust
    • Scoops hard clumps
    • Stays clean
    • Activated charcoal absorbs odors
    Im sure the cats enjoy the experience and I'm glad they're not exposed to chemical fragrances - especially lingering on their coats and paws. If you're looking for a litter brand option thats similar to the tidy cat scoop-able line consider giving this a try. It may help if you have an allergy, or your cat has allergies or asthma. Plus, Me and your cats will thank you!


    I also use World's Best, and Pellets made from cedar, paper and wood pellets used for horses. Thats for another post. The sooner you can begin eliminating fragrances from your cat litter box, the better the world will be.

    Tell Us What You Use

    We'd love to know what alternative allergy free litter works for your family. Please share a post!

  • March 16, 2018 3:52 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
      I just saw this funny youtube video for John St an advertising agency. Some videos that they included I don't like because the cats could have gotten hurt, like when the cat grabbed the ceiling fan,  but they just pulled them from the internet, they didn't create the youtube videos they are just using them to show humor. I do like the in-house production studio though, and how they pretend to story board the cat commercials -loved that! It is funny because they are over exaggerating how popular cat videos will be on the internet and with brand advertising.

    But I still believe marketers have a long way to go in reaching the feline market for real. It seems like every time they put out an ad its goofy or a subtle joke, instead of creating a great commercial for the cat parent. Purr View TV Show is moving more in the direction of a lifestyle/features program that celebrated the feline lifestyle for a mainly upscale, female market and I believe its time for great content cat lovers can appreciate. More on those new changes soon. As for this video, Watch it and you tell me what you think. They certainly produced a creative video. Check out their youtube channel for more information. Tonia
  • January 28, 2018 9:50 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
     I produced a fun video of my client's cat Gimlet! He loves to follow very close to my feet and it felt like a dance to walk around with him. He's very cute and playful. It was fun to film him interact with me.
  • January 22, 2018 3:54 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    I just found a cool cat boutique online called The Pampered Kitty Cat Boutique, They're located in Cape Cod and have the comfy coziest hand-made items for cats! Check out they're collection of fabrics from garden Cats to Country Cats, they also have catnip toys, cat beds, etc. Really nice items. If you're looking for something made with love that's one of a kind check them out at The Pampered Kitty online!
  • January 04, 2018 3:56 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    I have to be honest. Ive been doing cat sitting everyday since December 14th and Im really enjoying this snow day. Today is the first day in awhile that I have to stay home and I'm really indulging in having a home day. Plus I'm exhausted and worn out and need rest.

    If you're in New England like me, hopefully you're home staying warm. As a cat parent this is the best day to have a long uninterrupted cat nap. Does your cat (s) let you snuggle for a nap? Today I started the day giving morning kissing and comforting the two cats that are boarding with me.

    There's Albert and Cindy and My heart feels at peace when I see them all stretched out on their beds staying warm and purring up a storm. They're happy cats.

    Then my dog Moxie surprised me this afternoon when I looked over to see her staring at me with that deep puppy stare. I took some time to snuggle with her and just holding her and giving kisses is enough to make her so happy!

    While baking and making lunch - I had some time to clean and redecorate my table - Lanie thought it would be fun to roll around on my tablecloth. Its great to see her relax and play. Just two years ago she was a feral cat on the street, reacting to everything she experienced in fight mode in order feel safe and survive. To see her rolling one the tablecloth, even chasing the fabric as it fell and moved, made me smile.

    But once the afternoon hit I climbed back in bed to take a much needed cat nap with Meow Kitty and Birdie. Even after I woke up they followed me to the couch for an extended nap. This is what I needed.

    How are you and your cats making out in this New England snow storm? Stay warm, stay safe and by all means take a long cat nap!
  • August 10, 2017 4:00 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    About 2 years ago I found a stray cat outside at one of my cat sitting clients homes. They said they had seen her off and on for a few weeks and they said none of the neighbors has a cat. After calling all local vets and animal rescues in the area - it was clear no one was missing her. My client was not able to adopt her but she did foster he medical care for the first few months - and that was such a blessing.

      She was underweight, was crying and had a head tilt. I think she was ready to be rescued because when I put the can of tuna fish in a cat carrier she went right in. I took her straight to my vet and it was there she had a lot of tests and an exam. She was a very fractious cat. If you know that word, then you have a good idea of how this vet trip went!  

    It was tough. She was scared and  didnt feel well, and was stressed from the experience.     We named her Lanie Cat. When she came home I had accommodations already prepared - a cozy condo with a window view, a bed, litter box and a scratch pad.

    It was covered of course on the top and sides for privacy. She had a great window view and fresh air. But her favorite was fresh food. She could t get enough food. Over time, my husband and I have really tried to work with her, creating a safe environment for her and building trust.    

      At first she wouldn't play with us. A toy or string toy was seen as a threat. Lanie is a fighter and she would attack to kill any toy we offered her. Then one day I heard a chirping sound coming from her room. When I peaked inside she was playing with the bird toy that makes a chirping sound when tapped. I was overjoyed!

    This might have been one interaction but it was a very good sign. ​ ​ Since then, we began interacting with her even more. She is learning to play and learning to be touched. Now she can let us pet her and today I even gave her belly a massage. Lanie is still quick to swat or react when stressed, but when things are quiet and slow she is so relaxed. It's nice to see a cat transform with time and love.

    We call it learning to be a house cat! Do you have a rehabilitation story you could share? You can post a comment and tell us about it or email me at and I can help you share it in a post.

  • August 08, 2017 4:24 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    happy cat dish from Tonia Fleming on Vimeo.

    Im not entirely sure where this adorable dish was made but every time I clean it for the kitties it makes me so happy. The day that I filmed, the sunshine happen to make it sparkle! That just made my day. Do you have a bowl like this or one that makes you happy when you clean it. Tonia!
  • July 16, 2017 5:35 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Greetings on this beautiful Sunday morning! I am so happy to be up and awake - last night was a difficult breathing night and I'm not sure why? It was cool and it  didnt feel like too much pressure in the air. But! I am beginning to realize I'm having some elevated asthma the past 24 hours from lots of cat sitting and exposure and I think I am having side effects from one of my inhalers. Research says that 75% of the population has the DNA to expel mold and mycotoxins from the body thus healing quicker from the affects it takes on the person and 25% (like me) can not expel the mycotoxins.

    Therefore even though we remediated our house, biosweeped and deep cleaned our home in January - the mycotoxins could still be residing in my liver -making me sick or agrivating the inflamatory response when exposed to allergens like cats, dustmites, pollen, grasses, trees. Yeah for me. Last week and this week Ive been having alternative labs done and in August I will be seeing the Mold/Lyme doctor Margaret Ditulio in Atkinson New Hampshire and I cant wait to have a real diagnosis and a proper plan for healing. Atleast I have the joy from my cat family - they are so sweet, so funny and a comfort to be around. Do any of you suffer from asthmas? Have any of you ever been exposed to mold illness? Id love to hear from you. -Tonia
  • June 27, 2017 5:38 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    In June I attended a yard sale hosted by the Kingston Animal Hospital in their parking lot and they donated all the funds to the Kingston Animal Shelter's Animal Care Fund.

    The Animal Care Fund is an account that is set up separately from the Kingston town budget and is solely funded by donations. Because the shelter and the fund is a government entity it can not seek or ask for donations, it can only accept them. The town budget alocates approximately $800 a fiscal year to animal care expenses. So the Animal Care Fund provides the bulk of the care and no tax payers pay for that care in their taxes. Its a win win because the shelter goes above and beyond to provide veterinary care and well ess exams, vaccines, heartworm prevention and treatments, microchips, spay/neuters and much more - all to help the dogs and cats that enter the shelter. Providing that care costs money and in the last fiscal year which just recently ended the Animal Care Fund spent about $5,800 on animal care and shelter expenses, it took in abiut $5,100 in donations and the Kingston Animal Hospital also generously donated over  $5,000  for veterinary services and care in addition to the animal care fund expenses.

    If the Animal Care Fund had to generate donations to keep up with veterinary costs they would have to raise around $11,000 roughly. Since it cant seek donations - the fund then waits for kind hearted people to donate to it every year. This June at the yard sale the fun group at the Kingston Animal Hospital coordinated a great yard sale - with an excellent variety of items, great parking and a good amount of shade. In addition, they had awesome giveaway items for adults and kids alike.

    Joe from The Dunkin Donuts on Rte 3A Main Street in Kingston, across from the highway on ramp donated 2 dozen donuts and 2 large Joes of Coffee for the volunteers that helped during the event! The event raised $1600 for the Animal Care Fund! What an amazing day. Here is a video I produced for PCN on the yard sale. The first person I interviewed was Ember Fleming - Do you recognize her??? She is Dustin's sister! If youd like to donate to the Kingston Animal Care Fund send a check to Kingston Animal Care Fund  to the town hall or the shelter and they will deposit it into the fund. You would be helping a lot of worthy dogs and cats. Enjoy! Tonia
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