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  • July 19, 2020 2:51 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Ever feel like your cats want to design their very own feeding schedule? It could look very random or even be scheduled at the weirdest hours of the day - and night. Coming up with a schedule that you can live with and that works for the cats can seem a little daunting especially if you spend most of your time at home. 

    When you're at home, the cats are more apt to sequester you to the kitchen whenever they are even the slightest hungry. During the covid-19 quarantine, my cats were thrilled to have me at home and made sure I knew every single time they were hungry. All throughout the day the cats would come into my office and let out a screeching cry-mroew just to make sure I clearly understood they were hungry. 

    Our cats eat their wet food in the morning around 7:30 and in the evening around 5:00. But since I was home I have learned that they get hangry for snacks mid day and just before we go to bed. So I have had to adapt my schedule. 

    Things To Consider

    Your Cats Age and Needs. 
    We have a senior cat that's 18 and she has kidney disease. I find that she throws up if we sleep too late in the morning. This can happen because she gets nauseous easily with kidney issues. She would be a great example of a cat that would benefit from a daily feeder, and making sure it opens for her even earlier than we wake up. I have another cat that is overweight and she gets very hangry quickly. If we don't wake up on time she can get very upset. Younger cats seem to be able to wait longer for breakfast but most older or special needs cats are just not able to wait too long for breakfast so I would consider this first meal very carefully

    Activity Schedule 
    Some cats are very active in the morning and early evening and then sleep during the day. As long as my cats get their breakfast first thing in the morning, they will settle into nap time during the day. Nap time also consists of what I call quiet time. They like to sleep in front of the glass door and watch birds, then they will rotate their nap locations, another cat will start what we call the roomies, where she runs around the house, climbs the cat tree, scratches her claws and then dashes into the bed way up high on a shelf for another nap. When cats are rotating from place to place, I find that some of them enjoy a snack and will ask for one. This docent mean that they are super hungry for a can of more cat food, but they do seem to enjoy a small bite of homemade chicken, or chopped up bacon bits, or other healthy snack. If you have a timed feeder this would be a good addition to the feeder during the afternoon. 

    Strategic Feedings
    You've been in the kitchen, right in the middle of preparing a meal and in walks kitty meowing and circling your feet wanting dinner. When the cats are mreowing, and won't leave you alone, you can be sure cat dinner is way to late. Ive been there! I make every effort to feed them before I start to cook dinner. One thing that bugs me is when I am eating dinner and the cats are Mreowing so loudly and I cant even hear myself think. 

    Best Way To Stick To Their Schedule. 
    When you're home all the time it's easier to keep a schedule you all can agree with. But if you have to work late, or travel, the best way to keep them on track is the timed feeder. If you have a timed feeder you or a pet sitter can refill it and the cats can enjoy their food, snacks and medications on the schedule they are use to. If you don't have a timed feeder then the second best thing is a pet sitter that can pop in and provide one-on-one meals once or twice so you know they are eating and feeling well. 
  • February 06, 2020 10:04 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    You know I have a weakness for cat stuff at HomeGoods! Last week i happened to be shopping and found great items I wished I could have take home all of them! But you will enjoy seeing them. 

    First is a gorgeous pink feathered lamp shade and desk lap. It was heavy duty and very pretty! Now I am allergic to feathers but my kitty cats would probably love it if I brought them home - one for my desk, one for them they’d say!

    Then there were a handful of fun cat bowls and decor items that we can always rely on. 

    But I think I most enjoyed the cat pattern lunch bag for adults! Yes a full size lunch bag and it was so cute.

  • January 27, 2020 3:48 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    In Kingston Massachusetts we've had a weird winter. Its been cold, then some snow, then it was in the 60's for a couple days then it turned bitter cold again, and now its in the 40's today. Sometimes when this happens the heat is on and then the heat gets turned down, but when the cold weather comes back fast it can seem cold in the house for the cats. More...

    I've seen it happen at our house. I don't like being too hot so I turn the heat down. When its cold I sometimes forget its down low and the poor cats are bundled up in weird spots trying to keep warm. 

    Here's a few things that I do to make sure they have options to keep nice and snuggle warm in the winter. 

    First, I keep the curtains open in the window that have the best sunshine spots during the day. The cats love sleeping on my bed especially in the sunshine spots. I make sure to have them open so they get the best of the day's sunshine while they are cat napping away. 

    Second, I put snuggle beds near the radiators. So when the heat does come on its nice and warm for them. My cat Lanie has a Sturdi cat House and I adorn it with her favorite blankets and quilts so she can crawl inside and stay nice and warm. 

    Lastly, I use electric warming beds and pads. These beds plug in and use very low electricity.  My cat Cindy is 18 years old. She has kidney disease and she likes to be warm. So I keep her bed plugged in all the time. It stays on low until she crawl inside for a nap. I truly do wish they made one that of us could crawl up in together. Maybe they will consider that someday. 

    What will you do to keep the cats warm this winter? I would love to know. 

  • October 18, 2019 11:35 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    The other day I stopped off at The new Home Goods in Plymouth, the one near Market Basket. I was looking for some inspiration! Or anything orange and cat related which is my favorite combination.

    I have an urge to combine the farmhouse cottage style with my love of orange. Since the fall is the absolute best time to find home decor in orange of all different tones. Here is a sampling of what I found.

    Lets start off with items any cat lover could use in hosting your upcoming harvest party: kitty pumpkin napkins, appetizer bowls and an apron for cooking.

    Now, no party would be complete without decorating your space for the occasion and I found some cool home decor and cat themed soap for the bathroom. The style of the art design was very impressive and the fragrance was also delightful.

    Fall Decor

    Cat Themed Halloween Hand Soap

    I also found some snuggly soft cat blankets, an awesome huge cat scratcher, beautiful cat bowls, cat cottage themed facecloths and assortment of many interesting cat items - its worth a trip over even if its just for a relaxing break.

    So Many Cat Food and Water Bowls

    Good Scratch!
    This cat blanket was SO soft
    Aren’t these so beautiful

    Finally, Home Goods had a fun collection of cat toys and even a cat treat game that keeps cats engaged - the way it works is your cat pulls a string and a cat treat drops down. I don't know about your cats but mine would figure this out in 30 seconds and there would be no treats left. This looks like a lot of fun tho.

    How fast would your cat figure this out? 
  • July 28, 2019 11:16 AM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    I heard about The Edward Goery House from the Highland Street Foundation's Free Museum Fridays three years ago. Interested in his love of cats, I wondered if they would have an exhibit on cats or the felines he illustrated. I decided to visit last week and take my husband and niece for a trip to see what we could find. 

    I wasn't sure what to expect. His life's work was devoted to art, illustration, and the craft of characters through a variety of creative media - but I was hoping to find something juicy that shared what it meant to him to have cats take up a such a huge part of his everyday life - and residence.

    The Edward Goery House is located in Yarmouth Port Massachusetts, what we locals call: Down the Cape. Its not far over the bridge, but down enough that you certainly feel like you’ve stepped back into history a little bit. 

    There is something familiar about the museum, it has a cozy charm, with wood floors, small rooms, and a home-like vibe even though its decorated like you would expect a small museum to be. There are built in wall cabinets that share a variety of trinkets and collectibles that Goery cherished over the years - and intermingled among them are cat-ifacts. One of the rooms is Goery’s actual kitchen and your typical cat bowls are still on the floor. 

    Although, there isn't a dedicated feline exhibit purrrr-say, and there are no longer any real cats lounging about the house, you truly expect one to walk right in and lay on the floor. One of the volunteers shared that "there were cats here for many years after Goreys death, and the last one passed away a year ago or so."

    At The Edward Gorey House, you'll find photographs that capture the epitome of the feline lifestyle for the artist. There was one photograph that shows him sitting on the couch with cats lounging all over him and that just about sums up what life is like with cats. It’s sort of hard to capture those intimate moments with cats because you’re usually alone, napping on a couch, or working on a project or writing when they venture in and snuggle up. For a cat lover like myself, it was nice to see these moments and these were the best part of my visit. 

    You can find books, great photographs, drawings, and the essence of cats still lingers today. In the living room they had a stamp station and my niece and I found Cat Stamps that kept us entertained! His style is so unique, ecclectic  and there is even dry humor mixed about the exhibits. It's a lot of fun to explore. 

    We also found a variety of old time cat mice toys. We all felt perfectly at home there. This article only touches on the cat things - there is so much more to see, read and appreciate. 

    While researching information about Gorey and his cats I found this great video online that shares a story of him working on a drawing and just when he is about to finish, his cat walks over and tips over the ink well, ruining his drawing. But you can clearly hear in his voice he understands this is just typical for cats. 

    The Edward Gorey House donates to animal welfare organizations in the area, like Animal Rescue League, International Fund for Animal Welfare, MSPCA Angell, Pet Partners, Wild Care of Eastham, and the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee just to list a few. I highly recommend visiting this museum, and supporting their effort to share Edward Gorey’s amazing talent, his home and collections, and his love of cats and animal welfare efforts. You can find out more at

  • January 09, 2019 6:02 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Today I entered the world of Cat Card Games, which I have to be honest I never knew existed. At a Cambridge Book and Game Store, Pandamonium, we found an entire collection, not just a random game, but a wall full of cat card games. With titles like Cat lady, MEOW, Here Kitty Kitty, and one you will probably recognize...Simons Cat Card Game. 

    I asked the owner about the selection and he said "It's actually growing in interest." Dustin and I looked through them, and a few of them sounded really really funny. So we bought one called Action Cats. 


    This one looked the most funny and the most "adult" of all the games. The game says you create and spin a tale of your cat - there's a judge and they decide on the most likely story. This game will bring a lot of laugher and the images of the cats are high quality and beautiful photos.

    Its under $20. 

    • An easy to learn story telling card game for 3-6 players ages 9- 99
    • Combine cards in your hand to tell the secret life of a cat
    • Is Floofy a secret agent saving the world or a poet waiting for his big break? The judge decides & awards the player the cat card. The player with the most cat cards after 9 round wins!
    • A creative family game that's also a hit at parties
    • Cat pics so cute you'd swear you we're looking at the internet!

    Simons Cat Card Game

    Simons Cat is my second favorite. 

    This game looks like a lot of fun. It reminds me of UNO which I love playing! I love the beautiful design with Simons cat. It also is an easy, light game that can be played with players 6 years old and older and you can play with 3-6 players. The game can be from 20-40 minutes, with quick rounds. Watch the video to see how Simons Cat game is played,  you just might want one for yourself - I know I do. 

    Cat Lady 

    TheCat Lady Card Game is created by AEG. It has a cute theme, and can be played with two, 3 o4 players. It also had good reviews. Here is a great video of how to play this game, and you can get a good feel for it. If its something you'd like to purchase you can order it through amazon for around $22. and it is a PRIME items.

    Felicity Card Game 

    The Next game we saw was Felicity, The Cat in The Sack card game. This game is much more involved, and operates more like poker and you will also need to be able to do math very well. You can play this with 3-5 players. Here is a good video showing how this game is played. If it's a game you really like you can purchase it on Amazon for around $20.

    Kitty Paw

    The packaging of Kitty Paw is very cute. After watching the How-To video I think this would be a really good game to play with younger kids, and everyone would have fun. I really like the interactive element where players can be creative and design the image they see in the card. Watch the how-to video to see how it works. You can order one on Amazon for around $12.I think this would make a great Valentine's gift for a cat lover. Its fun, easy to play and very adorable packaging.

    Here Kitty Kitty 

    This game seems like a lot of fun. Its about saving and adopting as many cats in the neighborhood that you can - a great cause. There's a neighborhoold board and cat play pieces and you can play up to 3-6 players. The person with the most cats wins the game, but watch out, your neighbors can steal cats from your houses. The cats go from the yard, to the porch and then isnde the house. Any anyone can steal them for themselves. Wouldnt it be awesome if more people wanted to save more cats in the world? In this game you can.  

    Watch the video for details, I think this is a good one and its under $20.
    After reading about these games, which ones have you played? Can you reccomend another cat game? I would surely love to know which ones you make you go MEOW! Tonia
  • January 09, 2019 5:32 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Dustin and I were out and about in Cambridge today. We went to Rodney's Bookstore we found this great big cat poster and since I wearing my favorite color ‘Orange’ and the poster was also orange - we grabbed a photo.

    The bookstore guy said cat books sell out faster than dog books!!!!! So there wasn't a huge selection for me to view today. But what a great bookstore for a future trip.They also carry rare and out of print books, so if you are in need of a cat book call them and see if they have it.

    ~Maybe cat authors would have a good response from cat people at this store. 

    Plus, I love this poster and most of the covers I've ever seen of The Black Cat magazine which was published in the late 1800's. I would have been a big fan of this in that time!

    The cover art is so beautiful. Check out more of their cover art on PINTEREST

    I have to say, Ive just hit the ‘CAT LADY’ jackpot at Pandemonium Books & Games!  Much to my surprise they had a fun variety of CAT card games!  I would have liked to take home all of them. 

    I decided to try a game called Action Cats. They describe it as  ...spinning tales from the secret world of cats! This game sounds really funny.

    Let me know if you have any of these and if you can recommend any of the others- (see picture)

    Did I miss any really good cat stops in Cambridge? If so, please share in a comment and let me know! 

  • December 13, 2018 4:28 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Cat Cookie Jars

    We're in the kitten kitchen Christmas theme this week at Home Goods in Plymouth where I found the most amazing Cat Cookie Jar! I want it bad! This kitty is wearing a bright red hat and coordinating scarf and it even has two holes for her ears to pop though. SO Very cute! plus it looks like it holds a good looked for more online and couldn't find anything like it! I should have grabbed it when I saw it. :-(

    Christmas Cat Aprons

    The next must have item for the Christmas baking season will interest the cat moms! A kitty Christmas apron, designed in red and off white this has a 50's style and front has hilarious facial expressions of each cat in a holly circle wreath. Very cute and it felt super comfortable. It was from ENVOGUE Holiday Collection by Envogue Furnishings. I looked online for this apron as well, and although I found some wonderful aprons that are similar I could not find this one. Home Goods must have grabbed them all! 

    Seeing this apron got me in the spirit though, and I wondered if there were any other Christmas Cat Aprons out there in the world. Sure enough a one caught my eye and made me laugh. This one is available on Amazon. 

    CSPRING Cute Cat Christmas Apron, Funny Cooking Kitchen BBQ Apron for Woman and Man Novelty Unisex Apron

    If you're not really in the Mood for the Holidays or you just like a little laugh, this apron will definitely make a statement. Its so cute and made out of cotton, Smooth and comfy. How do they do it? 

    Victorian Trading Co. Christmas Cat & Candy Cane Pinafore Apron 

    But if you'd like to stay within the victorian Christmas you could try this beautiful cat apron from the Victorian Trading Company. I love their catalogs by the way. If you haven't seen their catalogs yet, you have to check them out here.  I like this one because I love pockets. I think everything should have pockets and this takes the to speak. 

    Tea Time

    And Finally, when you've baked an entire afternoon full of cat treats (or Cookies) You can sit down and have a cup of tea in cat style. Joie MEOW collection offers many items in this style, Meow measure cups, Meow Timer, and now a Meow tea cup infuser. 

    You can purchase your own online at Amazon if you'd prefer.

  • November 26, 2018 2:59 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    This stopped me in my tracks! I have never seen a tall cat scratcher in the shape of a christmas tree! This would be great for cats that like to stand up and scratch, the inside cat comes out as well. Very fun for a cat playroom! 

    Shopping at Home Goods is one of my favorite places to go, even though its not a cat boutiques. But boy I wish we had a cat boutique nearby. 

    Looking for a back pack to tore your cats travel gear? Then look no further. Here is one that stands out! (of course it was meant for a person, but cat parents know that this is a bag for cat stuff!) 

    Ok now, this cat timer may look silly to a passerby, but if you love to bake healthy homemade items for your cats then you will love this adorable MEOW timer. I wonder if the buzzer says MEOWWWWWWW when it pops! 

    This cat mug epitomizes what I was searching for - items to fit in your cats stocking! And here we have a cat holding its very own stocking hoping that Santa Paws will fill it up.

    Don't feel sad there's still time to think this gift giving issue through and really plan out some great items for your cats or your favorite cat loving friend. 

    lease post and tell us what you really want to give your cats this year? I would love to know. 


  • November 26, 2018 2:42 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Pickity Place in Mason New Hampshire has delicious farm to table food, if you haven't heard of it yet and you're in the new England area this is a must try especially in the spring and summer months. But I went for a recent visit and it was cold, but the warm ambiance is delightful for a day trip getaway. 

    They have a gift bar, with all kinds of items, from gardening, to nick racks, tea, tea pots, and my favorite home made spices and baking items. But as a cat lover, I was over joyed to see a section just for me! 

    Pickity Place has a variety of fantastic, cute and humorous cat themed goodies for cat parents and their feline friends. 

    Including Cat Grass seeds, catnip toys, books, cat kitchen towels, wall art, and more. My camera wouldn't even fit all the items. 

    Outside my husband and I were greeted by the friendliest cat. His name is Poppy. They say he was a rescue and is one of two cats that now call Pickity Place home. We didn't see Lily the orange female, but Poppy came right over to greet us and gave us lots of love bunts. 

    Pickity Place says when Poppy arrived "He fit right in, and was walking around greeting guests like he owned the place!" And so he did the day we visited. While in the gift shop he noticed he sat outside and then ran right in when the door was opened. The cats must love this arrangement. Good food, a warm roof over their heads and they're always kept inside at night. 

    One thing I also love about Pickity Place is that they have a vegetarian option, and todays was a Roasted Root Vegetable in Phyllo cup and Cranberry Stilton!

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