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Spring Bulb Fundraiser

February 11, 2019 5:50 PM | Tonia (Administrator)

Today marks an exciting day. Its a little over a month until spring and the Three Rivers Wreath & Plant company started their spring bulb sale!

We are partnering with Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company to offer a unique variety of bulbs, bare roots, and tubers to help us earn the funds we need for Summer Filming of Purr View TV Show.

Purr View TV Show earns up to 50% profit from every item sold! Simply purchase items online from our fundraiser landing page, and your order will be shipped directly to you beginning the first week of May—just in time for spring planting. Learn more about our group and why we are raising money with flowers by visiting our fundraiser landing page at: https://ThreeRiversFundraising.com/fund/pvtv-spring2019

I wanted to participate because I love flowers, and I hope I will be in a new home by May and ready to begin my garden again. Also, Three Rivers carry a beautiful variety of orange flower bulbs, like the Orange Dahlia, Calla Lillies, Torch Lily, Asiatic Lilly, and the Sunflower Collection.

I am eager to raise money to start producing Purr View TV Show again, with new episodes, and that means I need to be able to travel around New England this summer filming interesting stories on cat care and the feline lifestyle, and with my health issue of late all of my income goes to medical bills. (I am not kidding, none of my medical is covered under insurance, That is a story for a different time) 


Although I am not a nonprofit organization Three Rivers lets any group promote and raise money through the bulb sale. 

I know cat parents love plants, and gardens, and I thought it would be fun to share this with you. If you like planting flowers in the spring and would like to support Purr View TV Show getting launched again, I would be very grateful. All the proceeds raised will go directly to the shoots in the summer. 

You can shop and order bulbs now, and they will be shipped out in May. When we have the final total we will share the details about our supporters online. 

To view the bulbs available to oder go to: https://ThreeRiversFundraising.com/fund/pvtv-spring2019

or go to ThreeRiversFundraiser.com and enter the code: 73DQFJ 

In addition, we are also looking for video segment sponsors, and online sponsors, starting in May we will be launching a cat directory. For more details email me at info@purrview.com

(View A PDF of the catalog HERE)

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