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Start Your Cat Card Game Collection - Here's My Favorites

January 09, 2019 6:02 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

Today I entered the world of Cat Card Games, which I have to be honest I never knew existed. At a Cambridge Book and Game Store, Pandamonium, we found an entire collection, not just a random game, but a wall full of cat card games. With titles like Cat lady, MEOW, Here Kitty Kitty, and one you will probably recognize...Simons Cat Card Game. 

I asked the owner about the selection and he said "It's actually growing in interest." Dustin and I looked through them, and a few of them sounded really really funny. So we bought one called Action Cats. 


This one looked the most funny and the most "adult" of all the games. The game says you create and spin a tale of your cat - there's a judge and they decide on the most likely story. This game will bring a lot of laugher and the images of the cats are high quality and beautiful photos.

Its under $20. 

  • An easy to learn story telling card game for 3-6 players ages 9- 99
  • Combine cards in your hand to tell the secret life of a cat
  • Is Floofy a secret agent saving the world or a poet waiting for his big break? The judge decides & awards the player the cat card. The player with the most cat cards after 9 round wins!
  • A creative family game that's also a hit at parties
  • Cat pics so cute you'd swear you we're looking at the internet!

Simons Cat Card Game

Simons Cat is my second favorite. 

This game looks like a lot of fun. It reminds me of UNO which I love playing! I love the beautiful design with Simons cat. It also is an easy, light game that can be played with players 6 years old and older and you can play with 3-6 players. The game can be from 20-40 minutes, with quick rounds. Watch the video to see how Simons Cat game is played,  you just might want one for yourself - I know I do. 

Cat Lady 

TheCat Lady Card Game is created by AEG. It has a cute theme, and can be played with two, 3 o4 players. It also had good reviews. Here is a great video of how to play this game, and you can get a good feel for it. If its something you'd like to purchase you can order it through amazon for around $22. and it is a PRIME items.

Felicity Card Game 

The Next game we saw was Felicity, The Cat in The Sack card game. This game is much more involved, and operates more like poker and you will also need to be able to do math very well. You can play this with 3-5 players. Here is a good video showing how this game is played. If it's a game you really like you can purchase it on Amazon for around $20.

Kitty Paw

The packaging of Kitty Paw is very cute. After watching the How-To video I think this would be a really good game to play with younger kids, and everyone would have fun. I really like the interactive element where players can be creative and design the image they see in the card. Watch the how-to video to see how it works. You can order one on Amazon for around $12.I think this would make a great Valentine's gift for a cat lover. Its fun, easy to play and very adorable packaging.

Here Kitty Kitty 

This game seems like a lot of fun. Its about saving and adopting as many cats in the neighborhood that you can - a great cause. There's a neighborhoold board and cat play pieces and you can play up to 3-6 players. The person with the most cats wins the game, but watch out, your neighbors can steal cats from your houses. The cats go from the yard, to the porch and then isnde the house. Any anyone can steal them for themselves. Wouldnt it be awesome if more people wanted to save more cats in the world? In this game you can.  

Watch the video for details, I think this is a good one and its under $20.
After reading about these games, which ones have you played? Can you reccomend another cat game? I would surely love to know which ones you make you go MEOW! Tonia
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