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Fall is a Purr-fect Time to Adopt A Cat

September 06, 2018 4:55 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

Even though today in Massachusetts is sweltering hot, the weather is getting colder and that means we will will all be starting to bundle up to the fall weather and I for one, CAN'T wait. 

Last night when I was heading to bed in my new camper, I noticed a small cat outside the door meowing at me. I tried to step outside to talk to the cat but it ran away. This made me think about all the felines that are living as community cats, and those that find themselves strays after the summer season around the beach area ends. 

It wasn't a coincidence that Mary Nelson wrote and asked if I would be interested in sharing an info graphic she created to help gain attention to the benefits of adopting a cat. 

Click on the graphic and you can read her entire article. This is something you can share on Facebook or email to a friend who is thinking about adopting a cat. You know someone! I am sure of it that would help them decide to look into it and maybe even reach out to a local shelter. 

Please spread the word about wonderful reasons to adopt a pet!


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