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Windows are a Hot Spot this Week

June 24, 2018 10:04 AM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
The summer is here and having fresh air has been a long awaited pleasure here at the cottage. Even the cats seek out time to look out the windows, watch the birds at the feeder and when I have the window open, we all enjoy the fresh air.

Thats Albert, he doesn't really enjoy air conditioner fanning on him in the window below, even if its the fan setting. So yesterday I put his entire cat tree io on top of the bureau. He stayed up there all day but wasn't able to get down on his own. So my husband finally took him down for me and we moved the cat tree over near the other window.

But over on the other window hammock was Zoro. He loves basking in the window from early in the morning until night time. He only leaves it to take his cat nap. Today we ran out of bird seed and he is giving me that look to refill it soon. We've had lots of cardinals and morning doves, crows, squirrels and even bunnies. Its amazing how many beautiful creatures live right here in my own back yard-I'm so blessed.
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