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Dexter at White Home Collections

June 18, 2018 9:38 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

Yesterday  I had lunch up at Pickity Place in Mason, NH - a farm to table restaurant just over the NH border. If you've never been to Pickity Place I highly suggest taking a trip for lunch. They offer a 5-course meal thats out of this world and you can choose from three seating times. Everyone gets basically the same meal but you can choose a vegetarian option. To view the monthly menu find it here.  

 Joining my friends for a ladies luncheon is a treat that I look forward to and it was wonderful to be able to go on a sunny relaxing day when we could explore the property. Pickity Place has beautiful gardens, where they get a lot of their vegetables and herbs, a green house with lots of garden decor, plants, wind chimes, banners etc., and they have two sheep there. They also have a gift shop with herbs and blends to take home.

I sat in one of the chairs in the garden after lunch and enjoyed the peace and quiet, but it was warm. I didn't see any cats in the garden as I usually do, so maybe they were sleeping in a cool shady spot.

Just down the street we explored White Home Collections, an 1860's house filled with over 40 vendors carrying shabby chic vintage themed items, bedding, clothes, garden decor and antiques. I have to go back there soon! It was one of those places that I needed much more time to look at things, and find treasures.

Beautiful displays at White House Collection[/caption] It wasn't long before I attracted a cat! My favorite find of the day was Dexter, a tuxedo cat that spends his time laying in sunshine spots while entertaining visitors or staring deep into your eyes!

Dexter- The House Cat at White House Collection[/caption] You can tell they really love Dexter too because each exit door has a note on it that asks shoppers to keep the doors closed, and informing you that Dexter is an inside cat. Sorry Dexter, us cat parents know what thats means 'You're a house cat!' He was so sweet. I really enjoyed breathing the fresh air of NH and spending time with friends. I hope you enjoyed that beautiful day too!
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