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  • February 16, 2021 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    Isn't this the cutest wreath for a cat lover? One of my clients made them from an idea she found on Pinterest. The cat toy was one her cat Olivers actual cat toys. 

    It has a bell inside so whenever we open the door it jingles a little. 

    I want to thank my client who gave it to me as a gift! Thank You kathy! I love it.

    And also share what a crafty a beautiful design this is for cat lovers. 

    She says its easy to make and you can be very creative with the materials to match your own style! 

    What fun! 

  • December 25, 2020 1:50 PM | Anonymous

    Merry Christmas 2020. We hope you enjoy this video of pictures and video clips from my cat clients, friends and family celebrating the joys of the season. I am thinking of you all and hope we can connect again soon.

    Tonia and Dustin 

  • December 22, 2020 9:30 PM | Anonymous

    Are you feeling a little sad that no one will see your Christmas Tree This year? I do! 

    Dustin and I had a fun idea to put together a montage of as many Christmas Tree pictures and video clips as we can collect from friends, family and my clients too! 

    Have a friend that may like to share their tree too or a picture of their cat near the tree? Then let them know the more the merrier! 

    We will put them all together to Christmas music and share it with everyone on Christmas day! 

    So please think of sharing either a picture of your tree or a short video clip with us so we can share it with everyone.

    You can email them to me at  or send a private message through facebook or my facebook Kitty’s Corner page messenger.

    or text me at 781-447-5489 

    Here are some ideas: 

    • A picture of your tree
    • A short video clip of your tree
    • A picture or video clip of you and your pets in front of the tree
    • A picture or video clip of you dog or cat near or under or looking at the tree
    • A close up of your favorite ornament then zoom out to see full tree
    • as many cats as possible but any pets are welcome to join the pictures

    Don't have a tree? Substitue similar Christmas decorations with ideas above

    BUT DON'T WAIT the deadline is Christmas Eve Morning.

    This is meant to be fun and creative! 

    We will put it together and premiere it on Christmas day! 

    Merry Christmas 


  • November 15, 2020 10:42 PM | Anonymous

    I just loved my new cat care signage, it makes me so happy to see the Kitty's Corner cat with her pink bow when I drive around. What a happy car it is. 

  • November 13, 2020 12:41 PM | Anonymous

    Christmas Shopping At Reynolds Flowers was a fun treat. I definitely recommend stopping by sometime again soon. 

  • July 30, 2020 3:04 PM | Anonymous

    Looking to expand your knowledge on cats especially during this stressful time? You may enjoy this workshop which is free from ICAT. 

    Join International Cat Care’s Feline Behaviourist Vicky Halls to find out what you can do to make sure your cat’s needs are met during restrictions put in place to help combat the Covid-19 virus.

    Changes in routine, and adults and children spending more time at home can be stressful to cats. Vicky will discuss how to adapt your home and routine to minimise stress to your cat, how to work from home with a cat and how to involve your children in making and playing games with your cat. Finally, Vicky will cover some commonly asked questions about the Covid-19 virus and it’s impact on cats.

    Here's the link for more info:

  • July 19, 2020 2:51 PM | Anonymous

    Ever feel like your cats want to design their very own feeding schedule? It could look very random or even be scheduled at the weirdest hours of the day - and night. Coming up with a schedule that you can live with and that works for the cats can seem a little daunting especially if you spend most of your time at home. 

    When you're at home, the cats are more apt to sequester you to the kitchen whenever they are even the slightest hungry. During the covid-19 quarantine, my cats were thrilled to have me at home and made sure I knew every single time they were hungry. All throughout the day the cats would come into my office and let out a screeching cry-mroew just to make sure I clearly understood they were hungry. 

    Our cats eat their wet food in the morning around 7:30 and in the evening around 5:00. But since I was home I have learned that they get hangry for snacks mid day and just before we go to bed. So I have had to adapt my schedule. 

    Things To Consider

    Your Cats Age and Needs. 
    We have a senior cat that's 18 and she has kidney disease. I find that she throws up if we sleep too late in the morning. This can happen because she gets nauseous easily with kidney issues. She would be a great example of a cat that would benefit from a daily feeder, and making sure it opens for her even earlier than we wake up. I have another cat that is overweight and she gets very hangry quickly. If we don't wake up on time she can get very upset. Younger cats seem to be able to wait longer for breakfast but most older or special needs cats are just not able to wait too long for breakfast so I would consider this first meal very carefully

    Activity Schedule 
    Some cats are very active in the morning and early evening and then sleep during the day. As long as my cats get their breakfast first thing in the morning, they will settle into nap time during the day. Nap time also consists of what I call quiet time. They like to sleep in front of the glass door and watch birds, then they will rotate their nap locations, another cat will start what we call the roomies, where she runs around the house, climbs the cat tree, scratches her claws and then dashes into the bed way up high on a shelf for another nap. When cats are rotating from place to place, I find that some of them enjoy a snack and will ask for one. This docent mean that they are super hungry for a can of more cat food, but they do seem to enjoy a small bite of homemade chicken, or chopped up bacon bits, or other healthy snack. If you have a timed feeder this would be a good addition to the feeder during the afternoon. 

    Strategic Feedings
    You've been in the kitchen, right in the middle of preparing a meal and in walks kitty meowing and circling your feet wanting dinner. When the cats are mreowing, and won't leave you alone, you can be sure cat dinner is way to late. Ive been there! I make every effort to feed them before I start to cook dinner. One thing that bugs me is when I am eating dinner and the cats are Mreowing so loudly and I cant even hear myself think. 

    Best Way To Stick To Their Schedule. 
    When you're home all the time it's easier to keep a schedule you all can agree with. But if you have to work late, or travel, the best way to keep them on track is the timed feeder. If you have a timed feeder you or a pet sitter can refill it and the cats can enjoy their food, snacks and medications on the schedule they are use to. If you don't have a timed feeder then the second best thing is a pet sitter that can pop in and provide one-on-one meals once or twice so you know they are eating and feeling well. 
  • February 06, 2020 10:04 PM | Anonymous

    You know I have a weakness for cat stuff at HomeGoods! Last week i happened to be shopping and found great items I wished I could have take home all of them! But you will enjoy seeing them. 

    First is a gorgeous pink feathered lamp shade and desk lap. It was heavy duty and very pretty! Now I am allergic to feathers but my kitty cats would probably love it if I brought them home - one for my desk, one for them they’d say!

    Then there were a handful of fun cat bowls and decor items that we can always rely on. 

    But I think I most enjoyed the cat pattern lunch bag for adults! Yes a full size lunch bag and it was so cute.

  • January 27, 2020 3:48 PM | Anonymous

    In Kingston Massachusetts we've had a weird winter. Its been cold, then some snow, then it was in the 60's for a couple days then it turned bitter cold again, and now its in the 40's today. Sometimes when this happens the heat is on and then the heat gets turned down, but when the cold weather comes back fast it can seem cold in the house for the cats. More...

    I've seen it happen at our house. I don't like being too hot so I turn the heat down. When its cold I sometimes forget its down low and the poor cats are bundled up in weird spots trying to keep warm. 

    Here's a few things that I do to make sure they have options to keep nice and snuggle warm in the winter. 

    First, I keep the curtains open in the window that have the best sunshine spots during the day. The cats love sleeping on my bed especially in the sunshine spots. I make sure to have them open so they get the best of the day's sunshine while they are cat napping away. 

    Second, I put snuggle beds near the radiators. So when the heat does come on its nice and warm for them. My cat Lanie has a Sturdi cat House and I adorn it with her favorite blankets and quilts so she can crawl inside and stay nice and warm. 

    Lastly, I use electric warming beds and pads. These beds plug in and use very low electricity.  My cat Cindy is 18 years old. She has kidney disease and she likes to be warm. So I keep her bed plugged in all the time. It stays on low until she crawl inside for a nap. I truly do wish they made one that of us could crawl up in together. Maybe they will consider that someday. 

    What will you do to keep the cats warm this winter? I would love to know. 

  • October 18, 2019 11:35 PM | Anonymous

    The other day I stopped off at The new Home Goods in Plymouth, the one near Market Basket. I was looking for some inspiration! Or anything orange and cat related which is my favorite combination.

    I have an urge to combine the farmhouse cottage style with my love of orange. Since the fall is the absolute best time to find home decor in orange of all different tones. Here is a sampling of what I found.

    Lets start off with items any cat lover could use in hosting your upcoming harvest party: kitty pumpkin napkins, appetizer bowls and an apron for cooking.

    Now, no party would be complete without decorating your space for the occasion and I found some cool home decor and cat themed soap for the bathroom. The style of the art design was very impressive and the fragrance was also delightful.

    Fall Decor

    Cat Themed Halloween Hand Soap

    I also found some snuggly soft cat blankets, an awesome huge cat scratcher, beautiful cat bowls, cat cottage themed facecloths and assortment of many interesting cat items - its worth a trip over even if its just for a relaxing break.

    So Many Cat Food and Water Bowls

    Good Scratch!
    This cat blanket was SO soft
    Aren’t these so beautiful

    Finally, Home Goods had a fun collection of cat toys and even a cat treat game that keeps cats engaged - the way it works is your cat pulls a string and a cat treat drops down. I don't know about your cats but mine would figure this out in 30 seconds and there would be no treats left. This looks like a lot of fun tho.

    How fast would your cat figure this out? 
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