I have to be honest. Ive been doing cat sitting everyday since December 14th and Im really enjoying this snow day.

Today is the first day in awhile that I have to stay home and I’m really indulging in having a home day. Plus I’m exhausted and worn out and need rest.

If you’re in New England like me, hopefully you’re home staying warm. As a cat parent this is the best day to have a long uninterrupted cat nap. Does your cat (s) let you snuggle for a nap?

Today I started the day giving morning kissing and comforting the two cats that are boarding with me.

There’s Albert and Cindy and My heart feels at peace when I see them all stretched out on their beds staying warm and purring up a storm. They’re happy cats.

Then my dog Moxie surprised me this afternoon when I looked over to see her staring at me with that deep puppy stare. I took some time to snuggle with her and just holding her and giving kisses is enough to make her so happy!

While baking and making lunch – I had some time to clean and redecorate my table – Lanie thought it would be fun to roll around on my tablecloth. Its great to see her relax and play. Just two years ago she was a feral cat on the street, reacting to everything she experienced in fight mode in order feel safe and survive. To see her rolling one the tablecloth, even chasing the fabric as it fell and moved, made me smile.

But once the afternoon hit I climbed back in bed to take a much needed cat nap with Meow Kitty and Birdie. Even after I woke up they followed me to the couch for an extended nap. This is what I needed.

How are you and your cats making out in this New England snow storm? Stay warm, stay safe and by all means take a long cat nap!