Are you bothered by cat litter odor? I’m not talking about the stinky cat boxes, I’m referring to the cat litter brands that smell like perfume right out of the box. And when you scoop dust and chemicals go in your nose, eyes and lungs. You know it’s really bad when the smell lingers on your clothes!

Chemicals In Litter Aren’t Good

As you may know, Ive become sensitive to dust and fragrances. It’s been a challenge cat sitting as I’m exposed to every kind of cat litter on the market-mostly the strong fragrant ones.

Most of the time Scooping litter boxes make me nauseous from the perfume fragrances because of the chemicals in the litter providing that perfumed are toxic to me. Or I start sneezing from the dust particles going up my nose and into my respiratory tract. Even when I wear a mask over my face I still have a reaction. I always feel like I will pass out in people’s homes and I’m always sick for the rest of the day.

Challenge For You

Have you smelled your cat litter lately? You know, really smelled it? I bet you’d be surprised that it could have chemical fragrances. If you or your cat has asthma this can pose a legitimate health concern.

New Option

Today I experienced a new cat litter from Tidy Cat called Free and Clear. The litter isn’t dusty, and doesn’t have a fragrance. It scooped hard and clumps and I was impressed. It also has activated charcoal which has been proven better at absorbing cat urine odors that baking soda.


  • Fragrance free ( no chemical fragrance)
  • No Dust
  • Scoops hard clumps
  • Stays clean
  • Activated charcoal absorbs odors

Im sure the cats enjoy the experience and I’m glad they’re not exposed to chemical fragrances – especially lingering on their coats and paws.

If you’re looking for a litter brand option thats similar to the tidy cat scoop-able line consider giving this a try. It may help if you have an allergy, or your cat has allergies or asthma. Plus, Me and your cats will thank you!


I also use World’s Best, and Pellets made from cedar, paper and wood pellets used for horses. Thats for another post. The sooner you can begin eliminating fragrances from your cat litter box, the better the world will be.

Tell Us What You Use

We’d love to know what alternative allergy free litter works for your family. Please share a post!