Cats Are Awesome!

Ive been mesmerized by them since I was a child. Not only are they beautiful they are sweet, complicated, independent, needy, and their telepathic connections with people, like myself, totally blows my mind. I love cats. I love caring for them. Most cats are great, but some are a true challenge, and I feel that God has given me a gift to connect with them and care for a majority of them. Truly the gifts of the spirit come in handy when working with cats.

Love. Joy, Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Self Control

You need these to offer the cat in your care the best of you that you can. These are important when you are working with cats that don't know you. If you can offer these things, you can better convey your genuine self, and they can read your intentions more clearly. Cats are incredibly intuitive - that can result in them leaving before you arrive for a cat grooming appointment. or it could result in the cat coming directly to you because they know you need love. 

THAT is amazing to me.

What's also amazing is how easily they develop intimacy. You can walk around in pajamas, fart all day long, and even be depressed and moody and they will understand. Keep in mind they also know when you are stressed out and when they sense that they can really hurt you if you are attempting to groom them or handle them. They pick up on the fact that you are not at peace and that stresses them out a lot. I've learned that first hand during very difficult times in my life. I've learned that finding inner peace and calmness is vital to being healthy and working with cats.

Providing comfort and care of cats (and other animals) has been a life long passion and a career of mine since 1997. Although I have a heart for all animals, and love doing animal care, I have a special gift with cats, and that's why I focus on cats. They need good care. Purr View TV Show is a way to share my passion for cats, for cat care and for celebrating the feline lifestyle.  

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