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Class How To Research and Interview Cat Sitters

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I need to find a cat sitter! Let me help! I know what you need and how to find one! I have a lot of cat parents that call me from far away asking me to travel over an hour to take care of their cats when they travel. Unfortunately, it's not feasible to travel very far as a sitter and it takes time away from other clients nearby. That's why I made this class. It will help you locate a dedicated cat sitter in your area, help you identify what you need in a sitter, and even give you a list of questions you can ask on the phone and on a meet-n-greet. Sitters will be thrilled you have done your research and you will find a better fit because you know exactly what you are looking for in your area. Watch The Video, then explore: The difference between a hobbyist and a professional Tools to locate a sitter in your area Questions to ask on the phone Questions to ask at the Meet-N-Greet! When you are done with the class you will know what you are looking for, have tools to find one and will be prepared to ask questions to make sure its a goof fit for you, your cat and the sitter!
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