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How To Determine Your Cats Ideal Service Visit

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This class is step #2 in my series 'How To Find A Cat Sitter That makes You Purr" Are you sure your cat has the best cat sitting service? There are a variety of cat sitting services, there is a standard service, VIP Services, Multi-cat Visits, Senior, Medical, Special Needs. How can you know your scheduling the best one for you and your cat.You don't want to have to pay for a visit thats too long for your cat's needs but what if you're sitting isn't scheduling enough time to do a proper visit for you? This class will give you peace of mind when you understand all the factors that contribute to your cats having a great experience, and having their needs met along with a fantastic bonding experience. What makes this happen so you both have peace of mind? This class will walk you through each of the factors, why they matter and give you a helpful chart to figure out the best type of service! Watch The Full Video and then explore each topic: The different types of cat sitting services What happens during a cat sitting visit Important Details that matter for you and your cat The Cat's Purr-sonality types and how it affects what type of service they need and a helpful Cat Sitting Chart to help guide you on all the details.
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