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How to Define Your Number One need For A Cat Sitter

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Are you looking for an amazing cat sitter for your cat family? I've created a series called How To Find A Cat Sitter That makes your Purr- in Three Easy Steps, the first section is devoted to cat parents understanding their number one need. Your #1 Need is your expectation of your entire experience, and you have to have this in order to have peace of mind. To have a good experience you need to know what that is and so does your cat sitter. And It's not what you think it is. It's not that a cat sitter has business insurance, or that they can administer medication. I know right....It's not even if they can do the service type you need, or that they like cats. It's one of three main needs, and a client has only one! This class is a mini class, step 1 in a larger class/series. When you go through it you will know which is your number one need and you can share it with your cat sitter. Watch The Video and explore: Three Different Types of needs How to know which is your type Do you need more text/pictures? Do you need More Details? What your saying says what you need. This class contains copyright material please do not copy or share the content. Thank you and enjoy the class.
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