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Cat Sitting, Grooming & Cat Community

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Small Animals and Farm Animals 

Turtle Care

I care for turtles, and can handle little ones that need to be fed in a separate warm water bath outside of their tank. 

Stating at $20

Chicken Care

I love taking care of chickens I just cant clean their cages if they are cedar -Im highly allergic. I can bring fresh water, food, let them out or in, and send pictures and videos for your and take in eggs into the house. I can even add bedding as needed. I have four hens and have experience watching clients chickens for the past five years. 

Starting at $12


 I know this may seem a little random, but I have been taking care of goats and I love it! I can bring fresh hot water, fresh hay, add bedding, and once I even attempted to apply skin medication to an itchy goat that was rubbing himself raw. I enjoy caring for them and would love to meet new goat clients. 

Starting at $25/ visit


When available, I have also walked dogs and provided senior medical care to small and medium size dogs. 

Stating at $22

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