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Hi! I'm Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming. I'm all about cat care and the feline lifestyle. 

As a Cat Expert, Public Speaker, Host of Purr View TV Show, Veteran Cat Sitter - I'm always looking to elevate the comfort and care of cats! This site is devoted to sharing my cat stories, talks & workshops, how-to videos, blog articles, and courses (coming soon) that put the cat at the focus, I share tips for cat parents and cat care specialists alike.  We also share cat products we love with our members and sell hard to find, must have items.

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If you love connecting with your cats and snuggling up to feline lifestyle content, then we are kindred souls. You'll love our original content; Purr View TV Show ℠, our blog and online courses (Coming Soon). 

We blog about cat care and feline lifestyle topics, offer Talks & Workshops and online courses which will be launched in the new year. We also produce Purr View TV and we will be launching How-To Videos in the new year. I love taking care of cats and sharing that with the world. 

Purr View TV Show ℠ is an established lifestyle and features TV show about cat care and the feline lifestyle, hosted by Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming, a professional cat sitter and cat boarding manager whose been specializing in healthy, senior and special needs felines since 1997. Our goal is to bring you original content that will inspire you and help you offer comfort and care to cats. 


Our show covers three topics- Cat Care, The Feline Lifestyle and Welfare topics

   Cat Parenting & Care topics include: Feline wellness, Special Needs Care, Cat Adoption, Spay/Neuter, Behavior, Grooming, Health, Nutrition (Kitty Cucina), Cat Sitting and Boarding, Play Time, Pet Loss, etc.  

 Feline Lifestyle topics include: Arts and Entertainment, Books and Writing (Book Shelf), Cat Collectibles, Cat Culture, Cat Shows, Home And Garden, Humor, Pet Events, Pet law and Ethics, Product Reviews.

  Cat Welfare topics include: Cat Care and Feline Lifestyle topics within the Welfare community, Spay/Neuter, Community Cats, Rescue, Adoption and sharing News and PSA's relevant to cats in New England. 


Our show is always available here online and is free to members. It's also cablecast on community television stations in Massachusetts and at over 65 PEG TV stations across the country distributed through Peg Media.org.

In 2016 we won First Place in News/Magazine in the New England Alliance For Community Media's Video Festival. 

Members can watch our episodes, interact on our blog and learn about cat care and feline lifestyle topics, receive a discount in the online store and much more.... . Join for FREE and Watch all the latest episodes of Purr View TV Show read articles on  Cat Care | Comfort  and Explore  Feline Lifestyle content. 

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We operate as a content, video and e-commerce company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats. 

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We operate as a Cat Care, Content, Video and E-Commerce Company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats.   


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