"Cat Sitting Services For The Vacationing Cat"


Your Cats Won't Even Miss You When you're Away ...and You'll Have Peace of Mind with Pictures and Text Updates 

  • Do you believe your cat could have a fun and exciting time even when you're not home?
  • Would you like your cat to be less stressed, pampered and loved instead of being all alone when you travel?
  • Does your cat need medication and you can't find anyone in your friends and family network that can give it right?

Together we can create a vacation that meets your cat's needs!

Complimentary Initial Meeting

It's our policy to schedule an initial meeting with you and your cats before we take on a service. We like to meet your cats and have them meet me, so its a good fit for everyone. There is no charge for an initial consultation.


Here's What To Expect:

  • We Meet you and your pets - make sure its a good fit for EVERYONE (you, your pets and myself)
  • Get detailed information on their individual care and and medical care instructions
  • Go over their “Normal” routine so we can provide the same care as mom and dad!
  • Pick up the key to your home and get contact information for vet, local contacts, ER #’s etc
  • We also text you ‘Kitty Mail” -Texts & Picture updates while you’re away ! So we will need those numbers.
  • During the visit you can decide how many visits your pets will need, once or  twice a day. 
  • Payment is expected BEFORE services begin. That means if you are a new client payment will be expected in person when we sign the contract. Then after that first visit you can call and book with me and just leave a check and contract on the table when I come I can pick it up. Payment is always expected before services start - no exceptions. 

Senior or Special Needs Care

Do you have a senior or special needs cat that needs gentle care on a daily basis? Special needs care is available for Senior, Blind, Diabetic, Hypo and Hyper Thyroid, overweight cats, and other feline medical issues. We also Administer Medication and provide a variety of  other special needs care services like:
  • Administer Medication
  • Administrering SubQ Fluids
  • Special Diets & Treats
  • Freshen and Clean up House of Any Messes
  • Whatever a Senior Pet Needs to be Comfortable!

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