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Do You Think It Would Be Fun To Play Cat-Opy Just Cuz it Looks Cool?

August 18, 2018 7:40 PM | Tonia (Administrator)

Do You Think It Would Be Fun To Play Cat-Opy Just Cuz it Looks Cool?

I can't remember how I came upon my older version of Cat-Opoly, but during the last Christmas season I found a new version (with all the parts, LOL) for half price, at Walgreens and thought this is so cute I'm going to buy one and have some fun playing this at home with my husband.

I Was Too Excited

During the big snowstorm Bob Cyclone, my husband Dustin and I sat down to play it. I hadn't played Monopoly since very I was a young kid and didn't remember how it worked. Thank goodness Dustin had played it a lot with his family as a kid so he remembered.

At first it was exciting reading all the stops on the board, like Scratch Pole and seeing all the breeds across the path. But after awhile I realized I did not like playing Cat-opoly. This game is boring and I lost all my money. So in my opinion, I would frame the board and hang it on the wall. 

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