Benefits of Underwriting On Our Show

Share Our Mission To Help Cats

  • Our Goals & Mission 

    Purr View aims to educate and inspire cat lovers – through entertainment with a humorous twist! We are beginning to follow the PBS style and guidelines for quality.

    • Entertain: It’s my hope to make a positive difference for cats by taking a more cherished look at the cats in our lives and their stories!
    • Educate: By interviewing veterinarians and animal care providers and caregivers, it’s our hope that cat owners will feel more confident about embracing new medical care and home care skills to provide more comfort and care to cats. Sometimes just seeing a story about a home care skill in action, will make it seem much less overwhelming.
    • Inspire: I hope to change the perception of cats in our society, and inspire more people have cats, and elevate their level of care and concern that people have for them.
  • Topics

       Cat Care topics include: Feline wellness, Special Needs Care, Behavior, Grooming, Health, Nutrition (Kitty Cucina), Cat Sitting and Boarding, Play Time, Pet Loss, etc.

       Feline Lifestyle topics include: Arts and Entertainment, Books and Writing (Book Shelf), Cat Collectibles, Cat Culture, Cat Shows, Home And Garden, Humor, Pet Events, Product Reviews.

       Welfare Topics Include:Cat Rescue and Shelter info (To The Rescue!), Feral Cat Resources, Cat Adoption, Spay/Neuter, and Pet laws and Ethics.

Stand Out To Cat Parents and Women Viewers

New England Cat Lovers Demographics and Psychographics

  • Viewer base is 75% or more women, they’re small business owners, Independent contractors and Professional Corporate jugglers.
  • They enjoy decorating their homes for themselves and the comfort of their feline family members-including air fragrances, cat toys, beds, and more.
  • 15% focus on natural cleaning and grooming products.
  • They Try New Products on the market.
  • Love to travel and explore New England and USA.
  • They have a sense of humor
  • They read magazines and receive catalogs for shopping
  • 95% are single, unmarried, widowed, or divorced
  • 5% are married with no children
  • They utilized conveniences and services like landscapers, home maintenance people, cat sitters, groomers, because they don’t have a partner or extended family they can rely on.
  • 100% love their cats to pieces and receive kitty mail: text and picture/video updates on their smartphones, laptops or iPads to stay in touch when on vacation.
  • They enjoy pampering themselves and understand the health benefits for their cats:  specialty services, spa treatments, veterinary medical care and more.


Reach an Audience in New England

  • Although our show airs on community tv stations across the country, our target audience is Massachusetts and New England viewers. Find the latest list of stations that air our show. Click Here 


Support Independent Film Makers and Public Television!

  • Our show airs on Public Access Community Television stations. Our home station is PACTV located in Plymouth, MA. We have the ability to write and produce all content and we have full editorial control. Our episodes are far from a cookie cutter approach to television.


Build Your AD today!

Step 1: Contact Us at 781-447-5489

We will discuss your business needs and goals, and find the best ad spot for your product or service.

Step 2: Create a Great AD

We will write, film and edit a spot for you! All you have to do is decide on being a Program Underwriter or a Local Episode Underwriter. See details below.

Program Underwriter


(Only one of these per episode)

  • 30 second SPOT voice-over, multiple graphics, pictures or videos of product or services and description
  • logo and tag
  • Airs at the beginning and ending of our episode
  • Company logo appear on PurrView.com main page.
  • Sponsor announced on our blog about the episode
  • Sponsor announced in email promotion when episode airs
  • Sponsor Promoted on Social Media when episode airs

Here is a great example of a :30 second underwriting spot produced for Shelter Me a show sponsored by HALO Purely For Pets! I did NOT produce this but I love this as an example.



  • 5 second SPOT voice-over, over one graphic, picture or video
  • your logo or image of your product and tag
  • Airs at the beginning and ending of our episode
  • Company logo appear on PurrView.com main page.
  • Sponsor announced on our blog about the episode
    Sponsor announced in email promotion when episode airs
    Sponsor Promoted on Social Media when episode airs

DETAILS: We will write, film and edit an ad for you, or you can provide a pre-produced spot subject to our review and specifications that meet PBS guidelines and our guidelines.

Local  Episode Underwriter

These are spots reserved for your company or organizations that would like to support an individual episode and it includes listing your logo –  (no video or photos), after “Additional Support Provided by:…..”  in our opener after the Program Underwriters, and will appear alongside other episode underwriters logo’s.  Local Episode Underwriters logo will appear on our website on the Main Page for a month of the episode,  be announced in the show blog post, and in email when the show. $35 per episode.

In-Kind Support

In-Kind Support includes offering assistance with goods or services, set decorating, feeding our crew, providing gas cards or other items that assist with a production. In-Kind support is greatly appreciated and will be listed in the credits, and featured on our blog post related to the episode and in our email promotions regarding the episode.

Banner Ads

125×125 Rotating Banners
The rotating banners are located in the Sidebar. The ads can be set to run for specified dates and will track the number of click-throughs. $120/year.
468X60 Header Banner
The header banner is the lead banner at the top of  all the pages of our website, it’s the premier sponsors space. $120./month

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