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Time Can Help Heal A Feral/Stray Cat

About 2 years ago I found a stray cat outside at one of my cat sitting clients homes. They said they had seen her off and on for a few weeks and they said none of the neighbors has a cat. After calling all local vets and animal rescues in the area – it was

003 – Episode 3 Full Episode

  In this episode: Breathing Easy, Learn about feline asthma and how our kitty friend Midnight treats his Asthma with the AeroKat Inhaler chamber. Its very interesting to see how easy it can be to administer an asthma inhaler for a cat in need.¬†Explore Cats In the Rotunda, an all Cat art exhibit at the

Back Up Chair!

No sooner though, did I right the chair, did he jump back on the chair! “Wow!” I thought “What a very comfortable and determined little kitty this time around.”

Two AM Mouse Rescue

I put on every light in the house, and began searching under the book shelves for a mouse or mole. I didn’t see one anywhere. Usually I see them hovering underneath something with their hands up against their face as if to say “Excuse me, I think I made a wrong turn.”

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