Hi Cat Lovers! I am teaching a CAT Grooming 101 workshop at Braintree Adult Ed on Wed September 25th 2013, 6:30 pm and it’s only $20!

This class has 8 people registered so far and there is still time to register and join us. It’s going to be a lot of fun, please remember to bring a picture of your cat with you to class.


Cat Grooming 101

I’ll share:

  • The basics of home grooming for long and short haired cats
  • Why to groom at home and the benefits for you and your cat,
  • How to trim nails
  • Clean ears safely
  • Clean around the eyes
  • How to use grooming brushes and products
  • Best tips for handling in order to accomplish grooming at home and
  • When to seek a professional groomers help.


This is a basic overview for the cat owner. Please LEAVE cat at home, but BRING PICTURES so I can see your cat’s coat.

Question and Answer time will follow.

$20 -Registration by Braintree Adult Ed: http://braintreeadulted.com/courses/fcat.html

For more info on Cat Talks & Workshops
Go To: http://felineaficionada.com/talks/