Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.48.02 AM I just uploaded my new website for the Kitty’s Corner. The town of Kingston has officially approved my special permit for my business, including in home boarding of cats in my office. So I am can continue to offer boarding for healthy and special needs cats in our new home in Kingston. I’m so excited to be able to do cat boarding again, and I want to make that my main focus year round, and offer cat sitting seasonally during the non-winter months. I’ve decided to do cat sitting seasonally from March to December. Taking  January and February off to focus on just cat boarding.

Cat Boarding is available in my home office. I have four kitty cottage units that have window  views of the birds and squirrels, a window hammock and cats can have the comfort of being in a quiet home environment.

I am still working on the website updating the copy, and we will be taking new pictures soon as we decorate the cat room. I really wanted to use the orange color that I love but I wanted to differentiate it from Purr View TV Show and Blog.

On The Kitty’s website, you can find information on boarding your cat, spa services available during their stay, and cat sitting.

When I get the website finished, and update my policies and procedures to add the boarding details, and forms I will post again to let everyone know.