20140405-133716.jpgCaption: You know it’s time to get your cats nails trimmed when they get very long, super sharp and curved. Here’s an example of long claws. Easy fix with a nail trim.!

This morning the sunshine is out and the birds a chirping! And when that happens it suddenly becomes shedding season for my cats and my clients babies too.

Every month I try and set aside one day for Cat Grooming Day.
I offer spa treatments and nail trimming appointments on a Saturday and I drive all over the south shore grooming cats! It’s a wonderful and fun day for me to see so many of my feline and human friends- and I always enjoy spiffing up the kitties!

This month I am offering Cat Grooming Day in Saturday April 12th from 9-4. I already have two appointments booked but I have three or so more I would like to fill.

If your cat needs a nail trim, or a brushing, ear cleaning or a general spa treatment make sure to call me soon to schedule and appointment for next Saturday. Spring will be here soon and a good brushing can help avoid cats matting up. Brushing stimulates their skin glands and helps promote a natural conditioner.

To schedule your cat for a spa treatment package or nail trim visit on next cat grooming day – sat April 12th call or text 781-447-5489.