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A Happy Cat Dish!

​ ​ Im not entirely sure where this adorable dish was made but every time I clean it for the kitties it makes me so happy. The day that I filmed, the sunshine happen to make it sparkle! That just made my day. Do you have a bowl like this or one that makes you happy

“Choosing Cat Sitting or Boarding For Your Cat” on PACTV Community News Show Tonight at 8pm.

Tonight at 8pm I will be featured on PACTV Community News show airing in Plymouth, Kingston, Pembroke, and Duxbury.  Not in those towns? If you have Verizon they sometimes air other towns community tv stations. I was interviewed for a segment on how to decide to choose hiring a cat sitter verses deciding to board

They really do wait for me at the door!

Happiest On Cat Care Days

Lately I’ve been busy, overcome with medical issues and pain, and the pressure of finding a steady job etc, and yesterday it dawned on me I really need to enjoy where I am at. I love taking care of cats! It’s a great day when I am sitting with a kitty, snuggling on a couch

Back Up Chair!

No sooner though, did I right the chair, did he jump back on the chair! “Wow!” I thought “What a very comfortable and determined little kitty this time around.”

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