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August 23, 2008 The Patriot Ledger By A.J. Bauer Checkout Lane: Kennels and pet-sitters each have advantages
“Pampering Pets Through The Internet” -Marshfield Mariner 10/18/2006
“Spa Owner Pampers Cats and Dogs” -Enterprise 10/23/2006
“Pet Sitter That Pampers” -Patriot Ledger 10/23/06October


Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming is an award-winning New England feline lifestyle purr-sonality, professional cat sitter and cat video producer|presenter, whose primary focus in the pet industry emanates from a life-long passion for cats! She has over 20 years experience specializing in healthy, senior, disabled and special needs felines. She loves cat napping, going to cat shows, and the sound of quiet.

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