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004 – Vintage Socializing Your Cat

…It Just throws them for a loop!

004 – Episode 4 Full Episode

Check out new episode of Purr View TV Show, online now at Youtube.com/purrviewtvshow. In This Episode: Underwritten by The Kitty’s Corner Standish Fire & Security CAT CARE Cat Nips Vintage Footage 1998 Featuring Tonia Evans “Socializing Your Cat” Cat Nips Vintage Footage 1998 Featuring Tonia Evans “Kitty’s Scratching Furniture” FELINE LIFESTYLE AFFP  TV Show Trailer

Check out This Cat House Video

You must seen this video-its a must watch. A man redesigned his home over time to accommodate the comfort of his growing cat family- and in the Process his home was transformed into a beautiful, creative and colorful artistic home. Read more about this incredible home on houzz From Youtube: Houzz TV: Watch These Rescued

003 – Episode 3 Full Episode

  In this episode: Breathing Easy, Learn about feline asthma and how our kitty friend Midnight treats his Asthma with the AeroKat Inhaler chamber. Its very interesting to see how easy it can be to administer an asthma inhaler for a cat in need. Explore Cats In the Rotunda, an all Cat art exhibit at the

Scituate Animal Shelter’s Cat Enclosure for their lifelong feral cats

This is so nice! I was browsing videos on youtube and found a cool video of the Scituate animal Shelter’s cat safe enclosure for their lifelong feral cats! Way To Go! Do you have an outdoor cat run that keeps cats safe? If so I am looking to interview people who have them, and design

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