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The Kingston Animal Hospital Raised $1600 for the Animal Care Fund – News Package for PCN

In June I attended a yard sale hosted by the Kingston Animal Hospital in their parking lot and they donated all the funds to the Kingston Animal Shelter’s Animal Care Fund.  The Animal Care Fund is an account that is set up separately from the Kingston town budget and is solely funded by donations. Because

Happy Cat-oween

Id LOVE to see pictures for inspiration. Especially if you have cats in the picture.

Tips For Creating A Cat Safe Enclosure

Maybe it’s the thrill of freedom, the dream of catching mice to bring home to mom or dad, or the smell of the fresh summer air -but the wild outdoors seems to attract kitties of all ages. Unfortunately, being outside can also hold many pitfalls for cats. Even the cutest feline can expect to attract

Flea-Less Feline Finds on

Did you read my latest blog post on the Plymouth website? It’s called Flea-less Feline Finds and its on my blog called Cottage Cats and Beachy Finds. Check it out, comment and share. Im still on the look out for cat art trinkets and collectibles .

Stylish New Cat Beds and Crate Covers

My mother has been going through a creative season, making her own line of natural dog treats, and designing dog and cat beds and crate covers. She recently made a matching set for a friend who rescued a senior dog that was abandoned in an apartment for about a month without food and water. You’re

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