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How To Clean A Noisy Cat Water Fountain-Easy Fix!

JANUARY 25, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA Water fountains for cats are becoming much more common in households of every budget. That’s probably because cat lovers know that keeping their cat healthy starts with good food and fresh clean water. Clean Water Less Contaminates Cats Are Attracted To Fountain Experience Water Tastes Better Special Needs Cats Drink More

Snuggling Away The Hours During Hurricane Irene

I ended up going to Hajars in Weymouth to see Jimmy Peters perform and decided it would be a great time to charge my phone too!

Pinehills Green Home

This Saturday I went to the Pinehills in Plymouth to meet a friend and former Emerson Public Speaking professor. We drove around the whole area to explore the new banquet and function room facilities and had a chance to shop at “The Market” which is a wonderful place for foodies. It smells like fresh bread

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