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004 – Vintage Kitty’s Scratching Furniture

Using your voice to encourage them to scratch a cat tree,

Coming Soon…Shedding Season

Caption: You know it’s time to get your cats nails trimmed when they get very long, super sharp and curved. Here’s an example of long claws. Easy fix with a nail trim.! This morning the sunshine is out and the birds a chirping! And when that happens it suddenly becomes shedding season for my cats

Registration Has Begun For Cat Grooming Workshop 101!

Hi Cat Lovers! I am teaching a CAT Grooming 101 workshop at Braintree Adult Ed on Wed September 25th 2013, 6:30 pm and it’s only $20! This class has 8 people registered so far and there is still time to register and join us. It’s going to be a lot of fun, please remember to

The Snoring Cat

I was laying on floor with one of my clients cats today, playing and rubbing a ‘tummy, tum, tummy’ when suddenly I realized I could hear the other cat snoring from across the room. I looked up to see if kitty was asleep and in mid dream, but he wasn’t. He was just so excited

Cat Grooming 101-A Workshop For Cat Lovers

Cat Grooming 101, a presentation to help cat guardians avoid home grooming faux pas on short and long-haired felines, on Wednesday April 27th at 7pm, hosted by Pawsitively Natural, 10 Marshfield Ave, Humarock, MA, during their Evening For Cat Lovers event.

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