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Welcome To The Kitty’s Corner
“Cat Sitting Services For The Vacationing Cat”

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Welcome to The Kitty’s Corner
I’m Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming. I love cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, chickens, small animals, fish and all of God’s creatures – But I have a special gift for cat care – that’s why I specialize in caring for Healthy, Senior and Special Needs felines.  I have a degree in Animal Care and have been caring for people’s cats and pets since 1997. I’m celebrating my 20th year anniversary this year!

My mission is provide comfort and care for the vacationing cat – so they won’t miss you when you’re gone.

Do you believe your cat could have a fun and exciting time even when you’re not home?

Would you like your cat to be less stressed, pampered and loved instead of being all alone when you travel?

Does your cat need medication and you can’t find anyone in your friends and family network that can give it right?

Could your cat benefit from spa treatments before your return home?

Together we can create a vacation that meets your cat’s needs- with either cat sitting or boarding services.

Start Here!

We customize our cat sitting service to meet the needs of your cats and pamper them too! We also scoop litter boxes, take in the mail, water plants, and take out trash when needed.

  1. Call 781-447-5489 or Email To Check Availability
  2. Schedule a Complimentary Visit to meet you and your pets, Read More Below
  3. To Book Sitting: We fill out a contracts for the care visits, and take payments before services begin.

How to Decide wether to Hire a Cat Sitter or to Board Your Cat?

I was featured on PACTV Community News about the benefits to cat sitting and boarding, and offered tips on how to choose which is best for your cat’s situation and needs.

Complimentary Initial Meeting

It’s our policy to schedule an initial meeting with you and your cats before we take on a service. We like to meet your cats and have them meet me, so its a good fit for everyone. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Here’s What To Expect:

  • We Meet you and your pets – make sure its a good fit for EVERYONE (you, your pets and myself)
  • Get detailed information on their individual care and and medical care instructions
  • Go over their “Normal” routine so we can provide the same care as mom and dad!
  • Pick up the key to your home and get contact information for vet, local contacts, ER #’s etc
  • We also text you ‘Kitty Mail” -Texts & Picture updates while you’re away ! So we will need those numbers.
  • During the visit you can decide how many visits your pets will need, once or  twice a day. 
  • Payment is expected BEFORE services begin. That means if you are a new client payment will be expected in person when we sign the contract. Then after that first visit you can call and book with me and just leave a check and contract on the table when I come I can pick it up. Payment is always expected before services start – no exceptions. 

Senior or Special Needs Care

Do you have a senior or special needs cat that needs gentle care on a daily basis?

Special needs care is available for Senior, Blind, Diabetic, Hypo and Hyper Thyroid, overweight cats, and other feline medical issues. We also Administer Medication and provide a variety of  other special needs care services like:

  • Administer Medication
  • Administrering SubQ Fluids
  • Special Diets & Treats
  • Freshen and Clean up House of Any Messes
  • Whatever a Senior Pet Needs to be Comfortable!

Read Testimonials 

References are happily given. See what other people are saying by reading our testimonials Click Here.

Additional Costs

Each Additional Cat $2

Nail Trim $12

Grooming While Cat Sitting: prices Vary

Extended Garden 15 Minutes for 10.00 a visit or as needed

If you have one special needs cat and one healthy cat, the visit would start at the special needs pricing per visit and we would add $2 for the additional cat. Would you like a quote for services? I can be reached by calling 781-447-5489.


  • All services within the limitations of the pet.
  • Prices subject to change without notice-due to gasoline prices and mileage rates.
  • WE ACCEPT Cash, Checks, and some Credit Card Payments VIA Square Mobile. For information about scheduling your pet for care- please call us directly at 781-447-5489 or email Tonia Evans



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