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I really love public speaking and training! I offer the speaker series on 3 different platforms:

  1. Charities
  2. Pet Industry Business
  3. Community and Culture Programs

I enjoy offering my talks & workshops to  Non-profit Groups as a Fundraising or Outreach Event. For this type of service I schedule a time to come and speak to a small group at your location for free. We choose the topic in advance and you and I both promote the event.  Your organization charges a fee to attend and you keep the money for your organization. In return I present a topic, with or without powerpoint, offer a question and answer time and am provided with an area to sell my cat related products or books, and promote  Purr View TV Show and blog.

Pet Industry Business’
As a draw for a Pet Store, Boutiques, or other pet industry business or event, I offer  talks or workshops to attract the feline lifestyle market to your store or event and provide education and entertainment with a humorist twist! Cat lovers have so much fun!  For this type of service I charge $100 for a two hour block of time usually consisting of setting up, offering the talk, question and answer time, advising clients on product purchases and break down.If the location is over 20 miles a reasonable gas fee is added.Parking fee’s are provided by the business.  I am able to promote Purr View TV Show and blog.

Community and Culture Programs
To provide entertainment and/ or education, I offer speaker talks through Adult Education,  Community Education and Cultural Programs, Fairs,  Libraries, Museums, etc. These types of services vary and the terms are between two parties. Please contact me directly to see how I can become involved. Im very eager to find a way to work with you.

What We Provide

I have a BSSp in Communication Management and PR from Emerson College in Boston, and I have been doing PR since 2002. I promote all  my talks & workshops on:

  • blog
  • Our Event Calendar
  • Email Newsletters
  • Purr View facebook page
  • Purr View LinkedIn Page
  • Twitter/purrview
  • Professional Press Releases to local media.
  • Branded Feline Aficionada Posters.pdf .
    Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 1.14.58 PM

    (Download and print a poster to promote one of our upcoming talks.)

    (Download and print a poster for an upcoming event.)


I require 4 weeks notice  in advance to properly promote a talk or workshop. Last minute talks only when available.
When hired under any platform, a contract with date, time, topic and presentation details and fee’s (even charity events) will be provided.
A  non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to book a talk or workshop for business or community groups.unless otherwise noted.
Only talks and workshops booked with a contract and added to our event calendar and website are official events by us.
For more information or to check a date for a talk or workshop, please call me directly at 781-447-5489.

Thank you, Tonia Evans

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